Monday, December 27, 2010

12.27.10 :: 208 weeks old


Sean is 208 weeks old today.
Tomorrow he turns 4.


I think we have a thumb sucker on our hands...
My first baby to suck his thumb.
(Neither Sean or Mack were thumb suckers.
I keep catching Quentin's thumb in his mouth).

Sean told me today that since tomorrow is his birthday that he needs a wallet, so that he can put the money he gets for his birthday, into it. Uh.... I was shocked, this coming from my *almost* 4 year old. Apparently, Jamie told him that if he gets birthday money, he can use it to get the Wii Hockey Stick (Wayne Gretzky one he wants that he keeps seeing), with that money. We're trying to teach him that he can't always get what he wants just like that. Maybe while out tomorrow I'll pick him up an inexpensive wallet. I've seen some kiddie ones at the general store.

So today was my original due date, according to my last cycle. I can't even imagine still being pregnant today. My due date was eventually changed to Christmas day after some ultrasounds, and Quentin's in utero measurements, which is funny, because he was born small - but then again he was born 4 weeks early. I wonder what he would have been at full term, had I gone longer than 36 weeks.

I have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing. It's been discontinued. A part is broken on the leg, and it's not safe for Quentin to use. I really don't want to have to buy a new swing right now, and I'm searching around for one, 2nd hand, to borrow, to buy, etc. Any Montreal blog readers of mine a) have one you don't need anymore, b) know someone who does have one that they don't need anymore, c) have a broken one I can have the piece from it or d) have a different one I can borrow or buy off you. It would be a shame to have to buy a new one when all I need is one tiny piece. I've contacted anyone I know on facebook that have older kids than mine, and wouldn't be using it anymore if they had anything of the sort. I was on the phone w/Mattel/Fisher Price today, and it's discontinued, so they don't have the part. I checked ebay... no one has the part up for auction. I checked Craigslist, and people are selling them 2nd hand for 100$ ish (if they can even get that). has them on sale for 89.99$ - however they're out of stock (and there's even an additional 10$ off coupon). I did find one person who has the old model (it may even be the model before mine though, so that might not work) on Craigslist, who is selling theirs with a "noisy" motor (swing motor). I emailed them to see if it's still for sell, they have it dirt cheap and I would just need the leg. That swing was my life savor for Sean & Mack. I really hope that I can resolve this issue inexpensively.

Today we got Mack fitted for skating equipment and ran a few other errands. We also took the kids out for lunch. Jamie and I are going on a hard core diet as of January 1st, so there won't be much of taking the kids out for food after that.

Just finished wrapping a certain almost 4 year olds birthday presents, and now that Quentin is just about fed (typing up this post with one hand and feeding him at the same time - multi-tasking is the ONLY way to do things these days)...

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sapphireblue said...

Ugh! Stuff never breaks when you have money. Just doesn't happen that way. I hope you find that part.