Monday, December 13, 2010

12.13.10 :: 206 weeks old


Sean is 206 weeks old today.
He is so excited to turn 4.
I'm not sure I'm ready for him to turn 4.
Though... I have no choice.

Life in this house is certainly not boring.

With my two toddler monkeys around!

In Numbers:
- My kids were born at 38 (Sean), 37 (Mack) and 36 (Quentin) weeks gestation.
- My kids were born 6-8-10 (Sean in 2006, Mack in 2008 and Quentin in 2010).
- I have 174 emails to respond to in my inbox. Make that 175.
- I have 81 episodes of Oprah on my PVR to watch.
- I'm wondering if it's bad that my purse weighs more than my newborn?
The 2 am feedings are not so bad, and I'm usually fine at the 7/8 am feedings, but why are the 4/5 am feedings so brutal? I'm usually nodding out, and feeding him in my sleep (while sitting up). I cannot wait until he starts sleeping more. I am sure he could do longer than 2-3 hour stretches, but because of dealing with his weight right now, I am not supposed to let him go past 2-3 hours at a time. My alarm clock is definitely not my friend right now.
- Quentin gained 80 grams from Saturday to today (2 days). Usually newborns gain 20-25 g per day and Quentin on his high calorie diet gained 40 grams per day. He's now 2.4 kg (2400g) or 5 lbs 4.5 oz. The nurse that came today to weigh him told me to keep doing what I'm doing, and he'll continue to thrive. Hoping to never have a 4 lb and change baby again. I'm hoping to get him somewhere between 5 and a half to 6 lbs by next week. I think Quentin can do it. Must get him out of those preemie outfits (that he's actually swimming in... they're so large on him!)

Today's Link Love:
- Love this milk carton wallet idea!
- Love this newborn photo. I've been researching ideas to photograph Quentin. Planning to do a major photo shoot with him... just working out the details for a backdrop. (I used to have one, but it got ruined when we moved, unfortunately).
- Oy, love this newborn photo. Precious.
- Ok, ok, ok, look at this face.
- This newborn made me giggle.
- This is well... very creative.
- 5 bonus points for Pampers: WelcomeMembers5

(I'm house bound tomorrow, (car-less), so stay tuned for those virtual baby shower photos I promised you!)


Tara said...

Back to daily blogging, eh? Good for you :)

Amelah said...

Oy those pics are adorable! Can't wait to see!

Good job on Baby Q gaining the weight he needs to! I am sure he will continue to thrive! He is a fighter that one!

Two VERY cute and lovable monkeys you got there!

g-girl said...

well, all that matters is he's getting enough can always catch up on sleep later. :) love the pics of those two goofy guys! the second newborn shot is adorable!