Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today was a busy day. Started off with a morning visitor who wanted to come visit Quentin. It's a friend that my hubby isn't too fond of, so I try to see her when he's not around. They have personalities that clash, so it's hard to have them in the same room. Though, I get along well with her, and make time to see her when I can. It's unfortunate that my husband isn't a fan, but he's entitled to not like everyone I am friends with. After she left, another friend came by to watch last week's episode of Vampire Diaries. I don't watch this show, but her PVR screwed up recording it, so I got it for her, and she came over to watch. Plus, she wanted some Quentin holding time. (I don't exist anymore, it's all about the baby). I did watch the episode with her, though I'm royally confused, and have no interest in watching the show, she has been watching the show since the beginning and was confused after watching last week's episode. Too many vampires, ware wolfs and witches for me. I did work on Milo while she held Quentin. I took advantage of my hands free, which was nice.

Then I ate a quick lunch, and went with my mom to go see this week's "mom & baby" movie at a local theater. Today's movie was The Tourist. While I loved watching Johnny Depp the entire movies (he's hot!) and while I think Angelina Jolie is super gorgeous... the movie itself was crap. Even my mother called it half way through the movie... and I agreed with her, thinking the exact same thing. Not sure I'd ever watch the movie again. Definitely no two thumbs up from me... that's for sure. Quentin enjoyed his first movie though... he slept through the entire thing on my chest.


I've finally gotten the chance to photograph things that I need to blog about, and first up is the lovely Fave Color Swap package I got from Sara. Thanks so much hun - I absolutely love everything. I received this in the mail while I was in the hospital with Quentin, and Jamie brought it to me while I was there. It was a nice cheerful package (and as an extra, leftover mini skeins for Babette). The main yarn in the swap package was a lovely skein of Wollmeise and another lovely skein of Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic. Such awesome shades of green! I love it.


She even knit me a shawl
- in the same color as the rest of the package
- which I chose green.

I leave you off with the funniest thing my almost 4 year old said:
Sean said to Jamie tonight: "Bubbie* told me, you can't always get what you want. That's the Rolling Rocks daddy."

*Bubbie means grandmother in Yiddish.


Tara said...

Such a shame the movie turned out to be crappy. Seems like Angie and Johnny would make a good team...

sapphireblue said...

I kinda can't stand when both of them do a fake accent. I was hoping that the movie would be good though. Glad I didn't pay money. I'll probably catch it on DVD.

Nice goodies from the swap. So jealous!

Maureen said...

I think I want to do that swap next time! Wollweise? Come on!!

chudoland said...

Wow, I like your new woolies. :-)

Zonda said...

Pretty shawl! What a great pick me up to receive in the hospital!

g-girl said...

the rolling rocks!!!!!!!! lol. I love it. :) you haven't introduced him to the 'you get what you get and you don't get upset' mantra? teehee. your fave color package looks awesome! well, at least people want to free up your time, right?

Bea said...

Excellent gifts!

Amelah said...

Awesome loot!

I watched the Tourist too, on Saturday and meh. I zoned out through half of it!

Which friend came over first thing in the morning?

I watch Vampire Diaries, but you have to be into the whole thing to enjoy it!