Thursday, December 23, 2010

12.23.10 :: 131 weeks old


Mack is 131 weeks old today.

Some stuff that's been going on around here... I'm behind on my blog reading since Bloglines now merged with some other thing and screwed up my entire thing, and now instead of merging properly, it only added half my feeds. I did transfer everything to Google Reader, but not some new stuff that I had added to bloglines when bloglines announced they were staying and not closing down. So I have to figure out what all that is... and get the new feeds in Google Reader, etc. Though, my time is rare these days, and the only consistent thing I've been doing is blogging, because it's my journal and it lets you guys know how I'm doing as well. I'm behind on my emails too - but do plan to eventually catch up.

I forgot to tell you a funny story on Tuesday. I had originally called around a few mohel's for Quentin's Brit Milah. Originally I thought I might use a doctor who is a certified mohel, though if you use a doctor you have to still have a Rabbi - so that he can officiate the ceremony and I can get the certificate that my son is Jewish. Realizing that I would have to pay both the mohel and the rabbi, and cost double, I decided to just find a mohel who is a rabbi. Anyhow, I had spoken to a rabbi's secretary just in case I was going to do the doctor route. This rabbi is not a mohel. Anyhow, I had spoken to her, and tried to figure out when he was free (because he was out of town when I had spoken to her) at the same time that the mohel (doctor) was free, who was leaving to go out of town on Christmas. Anyhow, I never told her where the Brit Milah was taking place, I never told her that I was officially using the rabbi. I also ended the conversation with "if I should require his services, I will call you back once my son is of weight to have a Brit Milah". It had been over a week and a bit since I had spoken to her on the phone. Anyhow, Tuesday, I'm just waking up from a nap with Quentin. I'm still in my pjs. I'm in the bathroom and miss a phone call and once I'm out of the bathroom I check my messages. It's the rabbi's secretary. She said the Rabbi was on my street in front of my house, sees no cars and is looking for the Brit Milah to officiate. WHAT?! I never told her I was using him at the time this week (Tuesday at 12:30) that she said he was free at. I never asked her to send him. I never even told her where I live. She must have reverse looked up my information from my phone number on their call display or something. His secretary is a real lunatic if you ask me. Yes, we had discussed when he would be free if I should require his services, but I never ever had any intentions of having the Brit Milah in the middle of winter (with hats and boots and coats to have somewhere to put) in my house. We had close to 50 people at the Brit Milah yesterday, no way I had room for that many people in my house.

I think I am going to look for a new cleaning lady. The one we've had has been "cleaning" my house for 3 years now, since we moved in. I am not entirely happy with the way she cleans my house. Things I've told her to do weekly, she doesn't. Things I've told her not to clean, she does. (Like the dishes in my sink - I HAVE A DISHWASHER!!! AND WE USE IT!) I'm just getting annoyed. Sometimes I don't even know what I'm paying her to do. And right now, I really need the help because with Quentin at home, I rarely have my hands free. The only thing I can manage to get done myself is the laundry. Why is it so hard to find a good cleaning lady?!

The mohel who did Quentin's Bris yesterday was only supposed to come back tomorrow to remove the antibiotic bandage but Quentin had his first diaper explosion today and I had to call him to find out what to do. I had strict instructions on what to do and what not to do, and I didn't know how to clean it properly. The mohel was so nice he came out tonight to our house to clean it up. Quentin was a trooper while it was being cleaned up - and I think it hurt me more than it hurt him. Poor guy. I hope it heels nicely. I'm still a tad nervous about it even though it's already been done. I see our GP on Tuesday with Sean & Quentin for their check-ups so hopefully she will say it looks fine. (Of course the mohel is going to say his job was impeccable, right?)

I leave you today with a survival kit that I put together for my purse. This works mainly for boys, but you can substitute the items for more girly stuff if you have a girl:


Toy cars, notebook & crayons, little mini books and some google eye puppets.
It all get stored in the brown case for my purse.


It's a must if you have kids and are waiting in line somewhere or waiting for your food at a restaurant. Not all restaurants have crayons for the kids to color with. (Some restaurants are just not kid friendly)


Sandra said...

I had a very similar survival kit in my purse when my son was small! A book and crayons could keep him occupied for a long time. Now an iPod touch does the job...

Maureen said...

I like your googly eye puppets, those are funny. :)

I find crayons to be a lifesaver. Evie just had pink eye, and I brought some crayons to the doctor's office - we color on the paper on the exam table while we wait because they are hella slow there. :)

Bea said...

Survival kit is pretty cool. Love the google eye puppets.

g-girl said...

that's so weird about that rabbi's secretary! I can't believe he showed up on your street! what a great idea to come up with a survival kit. :)