Friday, December 17, 2010

12.17.10 :: 30 Months Old


Mack is 30 months old today // 2 and a half years old.

This morning the Rabbi (who is a mohel) came to see us to go over everything for Quentin's Brit Milah next week. I was having a really hard time finding a mohel as the one that we used for Sean & Mackenzie passed away 7 months after Mackenzie was born. I had made a few phone calls, one mohel likes to "pre-cut" the baby, and I am not cool with that. One mohel I've seen him doing the ceremony "in the air" and the baby not strapped down. I am not cool with that too. Some ask the mother to leave the room, I am NOT cool with that. I called one guy, who came recommended but his cell phone was off. So then I called another name on the list that I was recommended as well, but not by as many people, but wanted to feel him out with a few questions, and I hit the jack pot. Speaking to this mohel on the phone made me feel comfortable choosing him. He answered my questions very well, and didn't seem old at all (old = shaky hands = maybe not such a good idea). So this morning, the mohel came to visit us. He went over everything that will happen the day of. He went over everything that I need to get. He made me feel very comfortable with letting him do this procedure to Quentin. Comfort is key. Very important in my books. Also - he was trained by a pediatric doctor in London, England (where he's from - he's been in Montreal for 10 years though now). I originally wanted to have a doctor do the procedure, but then when I realized I had to still pay a rabbi and the doctor, it was getting a little too expensive, so that's when I decided to just find a mohel (rabbi) who could do it. The fact that this mohel does it 'medically' made me feel VERY comfortable with my final decision.

After the mohel left, Quentin and I crawled into my bed, and took a nice nap. You see, I'm really taking advantage of napping when the baby naps.


This afternoon I set up my bedroom and did another photoshoot with Quentin. I still was looking for "the shot" for Babies of the Year in the Gazette. I wanted to enter Quentin in the paper, as I did with Sean & Mackenzie, and didn't have a photo I absolutely wanted to use. Today, I got "the shot" (above). I love love love it! Took a while to get him to pass out again (after our long nap), but it was worth the wait.


For those of you curious, here's the set-up I did in my bedroom. To the left you have a space heater. I set up a trunk with a blanket over it (for comfort) and then my black backdrop (black material). And it's set up in front of my big patio door windows in my bedroom for the maximum natural light. And voila... you have a make-shift studio in the comfort of your own home. (The space heater is a MUST when photographing a newborn/baby).

This evening we venture out for dinner all 5 of us. We managed pretty good. It was our first time out for dinner in a restaurant all 5 of us. Quentin slept through dinner, and the boys were pretty good as well. I even ran an errand (with all 3 kids alone) while waiting for Jamie to show up from work at the restaurant. I think I am finding my groove as a mom of 3 kids. I may not have more than 2 hands, but I think I can totally handle everything!


Julie said...

Really really cute picture. Sounds like you're doing great.

Zonda said...

Love that picture of Quentin and you and Mack too :) I sure wished I would have slept when they did..good for you ;)

sapphireblue said...

Oh, never thought about the space heater. Very cute pics!

Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

How funny is it that I was going to ask how you do the photos and boom, I scroll a little bit and you've answered it!

I'm so happy for you that everything is going along so well!!!

g-girl said...

glad you found a mohel you feel comfortable with (and is even medically trained). I didn't know that you'd have had to pay both a rabbi and a doctor to do the procedure. that's great that all five of you made it out. :) things will get easier i'm sure. it just takes getting used to. cute pic of quentin!

Bea said...

That picture of Quentin is totally awesome. I'm glad you found a mohel you were comfortable with.

Tara said...

What a great shot! Too bad I don't get The Gazette :P

Amelah said...

Cool set up!! Awesome picture! Definitely going to be the best baby picture for Babies of 2010! When does it come out?

Glad you were able to find someone you like and trust!