Wednesday, December 08, 2010



Quentin and I decided to venture out today for a bit with my mom. (I won't be able to drive for a while - hoping to be back in my car by the end of the year though - we'll see how I feel). Quentin looks soooo cozy in his car seat, all bundled up. And of course, he's been wearing his Twist Hat a lot. I think he'll be wearing it until it no longer fits him. I didn't get all the errands I wanted to accomplished today, so I think we'll head out a little bit more tomorrow. I hate having to rely on a ride, which is a downfall to having a Csection.


I promised Rhoda a photo of Quentin wearing the outfit she sent him. He fits into it perfectly right now and he doesn't have too much to wear, since he's swimming in most newborn outfits. He's a tiny little 5 lb baby. He will have plenty to wear once he actually grows in size - but until then... he's limited on his preemie wardrobe. (And it's so hard to find in stores too).

I can't seem to keep my eyes open past 10 pm these days. I find myself falling asleep on the couch or in bed, while trying to watch tv. I've been trying organized since getting home from the hospital. Unfinished business from before my water broke, things I wanted to organize or clean. I can't do too much at once, because of my Csection, so slowly things are getting done. I am getting enough sleep though - Quentin is a very good sleeper. He does get up every 3 hours to eat, but it's usually 11pm (which I am still up) and then in the middle of the night it's just 2 am and 5 am (ish). Then the next feeding is in the morning when I'm already up with Sean & Mack for the day. Sleep is good though! I'm certainly not complaining.

He's still not eating as much as I'd like him to be - and I'm hoping that he has been gaining weight. I hope to get him weighed by the end of the week, if not I'll wait until the free clinic at the local CLSC on Tuesday to get him weighed - but I kind of which I knew how he was doing in that department. It's the one scary thing about having a tiny newborn.

Today's Link Love:
- Love this felt cookie tutorial.
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Tara said...

Not organized less than a week after getting home? Give yourself a break, Robyn! You're making the rest of us feel like slackers! lol

Amelah said...

Cute links today! Love the felted cookie!

OY the munchkin is too cute!!! Hopefully he gains the weight soon!

g-girl said...

he is so adorable! you certainly got lucky that he's such a good sleeper. :) it's good that you can barely keep your eyes open past 10 since you weren't sleeping too well while you were pregnant! LOVE the felt cookies!!

Zonda said...

Good that you got out for a bit! Sleep while you can (well heck, it's not your first baby so I don't need to remind you of that do I ;)

Cute little outfit, love the colors!

Carol Browne said...

Happy Hanukkah Robyn. Quentin's a great name for the little guy. And he does look like a little old man. Heh. Boy, does he have long fingers.

Kate said...

Oh my goodness...that pacifier is almost as big as his sweet little face!! HILARIOUS!

Bea said...

Gain some weight Quentin!!