Friday, December 31, 2010

Virtual Baby Shower

I was the lucky recipient of a Virtual Baby Shower. It was hosted and organized by Girl Knits, and she did a wonderful job organizing it for me. She contacted all of my knit friends and those who wanted to - participated. I want to thank everyone who sent me stuff, I love absolutely everything that was sent. It is all much appreciated and I was completely surprised. I received package and was supposed to only open them on November 21st. November 21st came, and a lot of the packages were missing. So I was told to wait a few more days to open stuff. And then, Quentin arrived, 4 weeks early. So the boxes sat at home. Then I came home after being in the hospital almost a week, and finally opened everything, mid-December. It took me a while to open, arrange and photograph everything. Then I had to edit everything for web size for my blog. And then type up everything. So sorry it took this long to get this posted. Life with 3 kids has been a tad challenging so far, and we're trying to figure out out groove. Anyhow... I suppose you want to see what I got? (In no particular order....)

From Bea:


A gorgeous handmade sewn quilt for Quentin's room. LOVE the colors.

She also sent Cheez-it's for the boys (that have scrabble letters on them!) and a laptop cozy for my laptop (which actually is my birthday gift). Thank you Bea so much - I love everything!

From Melissa:


Two skeins of Yarn Love (in a gorgeous green color), a cute sheep, and a lamb toy for Quentin.

She also knit this adorable sweater for Quentin.
What pattern and yarn is this Melissa?
Quentin still has to grow into the sweater.
Thank you for everything!

From Barb:

A nice crochet bib!
Thanks for taking the time to make it Barb!
Bibs always come in handy.

From Sarah:

Two very neat cookbooks (I love Rachel Ray!), a handmade sewn project bag, and an extremely adorable hand knit hat for Quentin (which he also will have to grow into - my tiny little pisher). What hat pattern did you use Sarah? It's super cute! Thank you for everything!

From Josée:

I got a really cute sleepr, baby blanket with tags, crocodile stuffed animal, some tea, and some yummy candies. Thank you so much Josée for the cute items!

From Maureen:

Maureen sent along two very cute sleepers (love the "I heart mom" one!) and a very adorable knit hat (which Quentin will have to grow into). I was also told that there is one very special blanket coming Quentin's way. I can't wait to see that it seems to be knit up in my very fave colorway of Dream in Color. Thank you again Maureen - I can't wait to see Quentin in everything and thank you again in advance for taking the time to knit Quentin that gorgeous blanket.

From Lillian:

Lillian sent me 2 lovely skeins of yarn (one is BMFA!), some leftover sock yarn for my Babette, some baby socks, some stickers, a cute little pouch and some other cute little things, that I have no idea what they are called! (Something for my ear phones and a square gauge thing for knitting!) Thank you so much Lillian!

From Petra:

Petra sent me over a banana slicer that I wanted to get my hands on (very cool by the way) and some gum. She hand knit some tiny little booties/socks for Quentin as well. Right now he can stick both his feet into one, so shortly, hopefully he'll grow into them. Thank you so much Petra!

From Nadine:

Nadine knit up this super cute Pebble for Quentin.
I cannot wait for Quentin to grow into it - it's super cute!
Thanks hun!

From Sarah:

Sarah sent me 2 really cute patterns, a cute hat (that Quentin's been wearing, it fits perfectly), some leg warmers (that he'll have to grow into), some goldfish for Sean & Mack, and 2 cute patterns. Thanks so much Sarah - everything is wonderful.

From Sylvia:

Sylvia sent a really cute plush book and sent over a hand knit Baby Surprise Jacket. Thanks so much Sylvia - even though it's really tiny, Quentin is really tiny and he still has some growing to do - to fit into it. Thanks so much!

From the wonderful baby shower host, Girlknits:

Another handmade Baby Surprise Jacket, some really awesome pacifiers (Quentin's already been using them, they're great) and some really neat yarn. Thanks again for hosting this and planning and coordinating everyone - it was truly an awesome surprise!

From Kimber:

Kimber knit some awesome comfy socks for me (they fit perfectly!) and a cute set for Quentin of a hat and matching booties. I got some note cards with my initial on it, an initial ornament, some yummy white chocolate (my fave!), some neat earrings, a ring, and a really cute tiny tape measure. Thanks for everything Kimber, it's all wonderful! (The chocolate is long gone too!) Yum!

And lastly, I got a package from Gloria:

She knit a sweater, hat and booties set, sent along a teether (thank you!) and some rattle toys for Quentin. everything is so awesome Gloria - thank you! And the kicker?


Gloria hand knit me a shawl. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much hun!

I am absolutely blessed to have such amazing (knit & crochet) friends. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to knit me something or send over something for my virtual baby shower. You guys are amazing.


sapphireblue said...

Score! Very nice!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

You're most welcome, my friend! That's a lot of sweet handmade loot. You are very loved. :)

Sarah said...

Wow Robyn! You scored some nice loot - the shawl looks great on you. Perfect colour. Hope you and your family are having an awesome holiday.

Maureen said...

Very very nice! The blanket needs to be blocked and then it will be on it's way - sorry, but with the holidays I have no available space at the moment to pin it out. :) (We had to put EVERYTHING in the spare room in order to get the xmas tree up. Gah.)

And thanks for the reminder that Quentin's hat needs a project page of it's own! :)

Zonda said...

Awesome packages! Sure hope mine shows up one day :(

Lynn said...

Whata lovely idea for your friends to throw you a virtual baby shower. You are truly blessed.

Do you know what pattern name for the baby sweater made by Gloria. it looks like it would be fun to knit?


Amelah said...

Oh wow! So much wonderful things for you, Baby Q and the boys!! So nice of them to organize this!!! Enjoy it all!

Kimber said...

It was soooo much fun and I loved seeing what the others got/made you too!

Enjoy! :)

Jennifer said...

that is AWESOME! what a great group of friends you have there :)

g-girl said...

you received SO much wonderful gifts! the quilt, pebble, that cool banana slicer, the matching legwarmers and hat, and the shawl! i sucked-couldn't get it together to knit up something in time for the packages to go out..