Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ahh... Sundays. Sean & Mack came home around noon today, after having a sleepover at my parents house. Sunday afternoon was very chill. I love it when everyone is chill. I had Quentin asleep in the lounge chair & Sean and Mack nicely relaxing in my bedroom watching some cartoons, while I folded the 300th load of laundry of the week. (Ok, I exaggerate, it wasn't the 300th, but it certainly felt like it!)

Not entirely sure what I did to deserve Quentin flipping me the bird... but he did. I think I have every child of mine at a very early age, caught on film, flipping the bird...


Today, my boys wore their Eagles Jersey's proud! The Eagles were losing majorly and came back in the last 8 minutes of the game. GO EAGLES! It was quite the game! Sean asked me why I don't have an Eagles Jersey like Daddy, Mackenzie and himself, and I told him that I didn't pick up one when we were at Eagles training camp in PA this past summer, that I got myself a hat instead.


Pattern: Tudora by Cheryl Marling (My Ravelry Link)
: Mom for her birthday
Yarn: 0.5 skeins Cascade Yarns 220 Wool in Robin's Egg (8905)
Needles: US 6 - 4.0 mm
Size: One Size
Timeline: December 19 2010 - December 19 2010
Modifications: Knit pattern as written.
Opinion: Very easy pattern. Great for a quick knit for gifts. Free pattern!



Tonight I'm just chilling with Quentin. The boys are in bed. I've got Oprah on the PVR (Trying to watch some of the 80+ episodes I have recorded on there. Eventually I have to catch up - as it's her last season. I know some of the 80+ episodes are re-runs, but I'm working my way through. It's nice that I have stuff to watch while feeding Quentin. I can't do much else while feeding him - knitting's out of the question. Speaking of crafting though, I did manage to get some sewing done today too - after I was done my mom's cowl, during one of Quentin's many naps.

Tonight we had gone out for dinner to celebrate both my mother & sister's birthdays. My sister's birthday is actually today (Happy 26th!) and my mom's is on Wednesday. They both liked their birthday gifts, (they each got a crochet bookmark like the teacher's ones, and a handmade by me tissue cozy) on top of a few other items I got them. It's a busy week for birthdays in our family. My step-MIL's birthday is this week too - and Sean turns 4 next week!


Tara said...

Your December is my September! Four birthdays in the space of 12 days. Ugh!

Amelah said...

Extremely busy month! I Have my mother-note-yet-law's birthday too! Thanks for the birthday wishes & gift! Love it.

sapphireblue said...

I almost spit my soda all over my computer screen when I saw Q flippin' the bird!

That Tudora is very lovely!

Bea said...

Goodness it is crazy with birthdays. Happy Birthday to everyone! Love the tudora. Very cute.

elizabeth said...

So sweet, all your boys!!! My December is crazy too - my b'day, my daughter's b'day, xmas, then my son's b'day!

g-girl said...

that must've been nice having them all asleep at the same time. maybe it'll become a regular thing. :)