Saturday, December 18, 2010



Sean had his last skating lesson of the current session today. The kids were allowed to bring their hockey sticks on ice today, and Sean had an absolute blast. He's been looking forward all week to being able to bring his hockey stick on ice!

We braved Walmart on a Saturday - the week before Christmas. Call us crazy... I know. I needed more newborn diapers, and to get Emla cream for Quentin's circumcision. I was going to buy it yesterday at a pharmacy I was at, but when I was told the price, my mouth dropped. I remember having paid less than half that at Walmart when I picked it up for both Sean & Mackenzie's bris' in 2007 (Sean's was at 16 days old) and 2008 (Mack's was at 8 days old). I was right, the cream (which is a topical anesthetic) was half the price at Walmart's pharmacy, than it was at the pharmacy I was at yesterday. While at Walmart we ran into one of Mack's teachers and Mack was weirded out that his teacher was there. He was like "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at school". It was cute.

After Walmart, Sean & Mack played together, while Quentin napped and I "closed my eyes on the couch". I really needed to get a bit of shut-eye - which was nice. Late afternoon, Sean & Mack went to my parents house, where they are having a sleepover, and then Jamie & I headed out to dinner with our employees. We took them out for dinner for Christmas to a restaurant near work. Quentin came with us, and slept the entire time we were there. My manager's girlfriend is expecting a baby next summer, and he's really hoping for a boy (he has a 5 year old daughter). I told him if he has a boy, I have a ton of stuff for him! (Plus they sold everything after their daughter outgrew stuff, so they have nothing baby left). I have so much stuff I am not sure what I am going to do with after Quentin outgrows it that it would be my pleasure to give him stuff. Plus, Jamie really wants to see the stuff that Quentin outgrows, gone out of here. No more stuff in storage, since we will not be having any more kids. I know it will be absolutely hard for me to part with everything, but I'll make sure that I keep all my absolutely favorite outfits, in a memory box. There are a few outfits that I'll have to keep. Have you passed on stuff that your children outgrow? Did you find it hard? What did you do to make it easy? I really am trying to savor every moment with Quentin, since he'll be my last newborn.


After dinner I popped in to see Tara and got to see Kate too at the same time. They both wanted to meet Quentin, and I happened to be next to their neighborhood, and wanted to see them as well. Tara worked on some secret christmas sock knitting, and I got to crochet a bit on some more bookmarks. It was a nice visit, much needed.


Quentin was completely chill the entire time I was there, and got passed around from adult to adult, slept the entire time, and then chilled in my lap while I did some crochet.

Now I'm home, Quentin's eaten & sleeping, I've got some chocolate, some red wine & I'm going to go pass out in front of the TV until Jamie gets home from the rest of the "Christmas Party" with the guys from work. (They went back to the store to play video games. Not my cup of tea).


sapphireblue said...

I can't get over how cute that baby is.

Bea said...

You are brave to go to Walmart right before Christmas.

carolyn said...

It was VERY hard to get rid of stuff as my kids outgrew it. I saved every outfit that Cole outgrew and then when I knew I was having a girl, I had to pack it all up. I gave it to the local HeadStart chapter where I would never see the items again (best for me). Lainie's stuff was equally as hard, but I gave it to a neighbor girl of the sitter's, so then I got to see the outfit the next year (which was kind of nice). Odd, isn't it? It's just clothes, but there's so much sentimental attachment to it. I've kept Lainie's good dresses and the outfit they came home from the hospital in, but that's about it. My only suggestion to you to make it "easier" is to bag everything up really fast so that you don't dwell on the memories! And then get it out of the house. Hugs!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That's the sweetest picture of Quentin yet! As for getting rid of the clothes, it was never too hard to give them away the good stuff as long as I was giving it away to families I knew would love the sweet outfits as much as I had. It's a tough one, but you will love the free space. Plus you'll be keeping everything for four years!! :)

g-girl said...

nice to hear that you made it out to see some friends! while you braved walmart we have been braving target and other places!

Tara said...

I had no problem giving the kids' stuff away once they'd grown out of it. Sure, I had my favourites, and I had a bit of an "Aaaaw! I remember this sleeper/dress/outfit!" moment, but I certainly didn't keep anything. I guess I'm not the sentimental type? LOL.

Amelah said...

I was so happy for Frank when I heard he was expecting another one! He is such a great father!

Looks like fun knitting time!

I can't wait to go skating with Sean! Wish I had come to watch him, maybe next session if he does it again!