Friday, December 10, 2010

12.10.10 :: 35 Years


Today is Jamie's 35th birthday.


The boys enjoyed helping Nana top the cake with whipping cream & strawberries. However, the strawberries ended up going one on the cake, one in their mouths. My boys love strawberries.

For dinner, we had some special guests come tonight. Jamie's step-cousin and her boyfriend had a baby boy just 8 weeks ago. It was nice to finally meet their son Noah. It's amazing, the difference between 11 lbs and 5 lbs. I can't wait until Quentin and Noah can really play together at family functions. It'll be nice that they're close in age.

This morning, I spent a good 2 hours opening parcels that I got in the mail. A knit friend, Girlknits, hosted a virtual baby shower for me (I've never heard of a virtual baby shower before having one done for me!). I received a ton of mail over the last few weeks. Lots of it! They all said not to be opened before November 21st. I got a check list from and as the mailed arrived, I let her know from whom and checked them off my list. Then November 21st came along and I was still missing half the mail. (Still to this day there are a few missing packages that have not yet arrived). On November 21st, I was told to wait a few extra days, to see if the rest came. Then 8 days later, my water broke (Nov 29) and then Quentin was born on November 30th and I was in the hospital until I got home on Saturday, December 4th. I FINALLY got to open them all today and photograph everything. That was quite the job! It took me almost 2 hours! Then I had to go to the CLSC to get Quentin weighed (more about that in a minute). Then ran to Walmart with my mom for newborn diapers and bottles (I had to chuck all bottles that I had from Sean & Mackenzie as they were not BPA free). Then I picked up Sean & Mack from daycare with my mom and by the time I got home, our guests were just arriving. So... I have not yet had time to sit down in front of my computer and organize all the photos from my virtual baby shower to put on my blog. Stay tuned for all that over this weekend. (Most likely on Sunday). But I want to thank everyone who sent Quentin a package so very very much. It was extremely thoughtful and I can't believe how much hand knit items this kid now owns! And all the lovely gifts you guys sent for me too. That was beyond awesome of everyone. Stay tuned for my show & tell.

So, my mom was pressuring me a bit to get Quentin weighed today - she wanted to know how he was doing because he has to be a certain weight for his Brit Milah (some rabbis as I said ask for the baby to be 5 lbs 8 oz and some require the baby to be 6 lbs). So I got a hold of the nurse that came at the beginning of the week, and she wasn't able to come to me today, but I was able to go to her at the actual CLSC building near my house. From Monday to Tuesday he gained 30 grams, and unfortunately from Tuesday until today he only gained 20 grams in 3 days. This has us a bit worried, and after talking a bit with the nurse and her making some phone calls to the baby nutritionist, Quentin is now on a high calorie diet for a bit, until he can show that he's gaining enough weight at a steady pace. His weight gain over the last 3 days is rather slow. Usually by day 10, a baby is supposed to have reached their birth weight. Quentin is about 5 lbs 1 oz right now, 9 oz shy of his birth weight. Though, some say preemies take a little longer to regain their birth weight. Upon leaving today - we decided that a nurse will come visit me tomorrow, most probably at my house, (though I might have to go in to the clinic - but I will wait for a phone call) and if he doesn't gain any or sufficient amount of weight before tomorrow (in a 24 hour period) then I will have to go take Quentin to the Montreal Children's Hospital. I am absolutely praying that it does not come down to this. I will also be waking Quentin up every 2-2.5 hours to feed him, instead of letting him do 3-3.5 hours which he's been doing lately. The only thing I told the nurse that I am worried about, is him not being hungry in 2-2.5 hours and then regurgitating the food that he's eating/or being forced to eat, if he's not actually hungry.

It's going to be a long night. Setting my alarm for every 2 ish hours (from the START of the last feeding - not from when he's done eating last..!) I might be one tired mama tomorrow.


g-girl said...

happy birthday to jamie! looks like he had a good one. :) wow..6 lbs really does make a difference but so does time. hope the additional feedings help quentin gain weight quicker. here's to hoping you don't have to take him into the hospital!

Tara said...

Yup, I had to do that with Émilie for a few days. Fun! Hang in there, Robyn.

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!!

dawn said...

I'm so far behind on blog reading...Happy Birthday Jamie!