Friday, December 25, 2009

december twenty-five

Xmas morning. Ice.
Even my flag was frozen solid.

Santa came last night and brought Sean something he asked him for. (I put it by his bedroom door, because where else is a Jew supposed to be a gift from Santa for a little boy?) Even though we celebrate Christmas with Jamie's step-family, we don't have a tree in our house. Maybe next year, we'll see. I think celebrating all holidays is a lot of fun.

Sean finally woke up. The kid can sleep in. I think he's going to be one of those teenagers that I'm going to have to dump buckets of water on to get out of bed! I can just see it now!

I was shocked to find him in just his diaper, and he was shocked to see that Santa brought him something and left it at his door. He was not expecting that at all. He did have new clean pj's in his hands, but he was dry when waking up, so I don't know why he wanted to change his pj's. He's been quite obsessed with doing everything himself lately, so he probably wanted to change his pj's to show me that he did them by himself.

At this point, he was like "Santa brought something for me? WHAAAAT?"
(The "what" was the funniest part too...) I actually recorded him re-telling the story and he even repeats how it all happened. I'll try to get that loaded online.
I said back to him "Well, didn't you ask him for something?"
He said "Spiderman blocks"

So he proceeded to open the gift.

And was so happy to get those spiderman blocks that he HAD to build them right there & then.

He was super happy. Mission accomplished.

And Mr. Mack was 100% content with playing with the wrapping paper and box. (Mack received some hard board books this morning, to build up his library) (Though, they do share all books).

Mack, who just turned 18 months is finally in 18 month clothing. He's super tall and super skinny. Always been on the 10th percentile for weight, and 75th for height. While he needs the larger sizes for height, the waist usually falls right down. It's been a challenge keeping him dressed properly. This is an outfit my sister got for Sean (I believe for his first Chanukah back in December 2007), well, it now fits Mackenzie.

We had fun hanging out this morning in the playroom. Mack loves the table & chair set and sits and watches tv in there. It's really cute.

My parents came over for lunch today - leftover Chinese Food from dinner the other night. We had so much leftovers that we needed help eating it! Mack, Sean & my mom were having fun talking on the phone, I had to grab a photo of them!

Sean was actually on the phone with my dad, who was sitting at the table as well. It was funny.

This evening we had Christmas dinner at my in-law's house (Jamie's dad & step-mom). It was a nice dinner, my parents & my brother were also invited. It was a nice dinner, and now we're all stuffed! Sean was super cute in his Santa hat.

I got home just before to this picture in my email. Mack left bunny at my in-laws. It's being held ransom. Luckily I have a back-up bunny (which actually REALLY needs to be washed, as well, somewhere his daycare bunny, which also needs to be washed before he starts at his new daycare on January 4th), so we're safe. See, that's why I have 3 bunnies and 3 of Sean's nunu! I recommend having back ups to any parent!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas! What did you get as gifts? Do share!


Amelah said...

Cute pictures of all 3 on the phone!! HAHA!!!! lol

Glad Mack finally fits into the outfit!!! And Glad he loves the table and chairs..i think that was another gift from me!! Gosh I spoil those boys, don't I?

Summer Engh said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday!! Great photos!!

Bea said...

See you do need a tree! Good thing you have more then one bunny. We have several of Abby and Gus' favorite toys. Just in case they happen to tear one apart.

Tara said...

There are SPIDERMAN BLOCKS??? Maxime is currently obsessed with all things Spiderman (no idea how, we've never watched it with them). Must look into this...