Thursday, December 03, 2009

december three

This morning again, Mack went to daycare without any issues! No crying anymore. I am starting to like this! I am glad he's starting to finally feel comfortable at school.

This morning I took my car in for a tire change. I had an appointment, and thought that it would be an easy change, but it resulted in me needing new winter tires. (400$ + tax later). Ugh! He told me that because I'm running 32 km each way to work a few times a week, and with the kids in the car, that my tires wouldn't last the entire winter. Because I am the primary kid driver, that was without doubt the reason to sell me new winter tires. No questions asked. Their safety is most important. Especially with the nasty black ice we get in Qu├ębec on the roads. I worked on Bella's Mittens while waiting. Even though it wasn't a quick change it took less than 45 minutes.

Today in my sewing class I made this adorable pouch. I love it!

I am still learning, so it has it's imperfections, but it's pretty darn neat! I'm enjoying what I'm learning. I really wanted to make a box pouch in class, but my teacher somehow convinced me to make this one as there was a pattern for it already and we didn't have to start making one. Apparently she's not too fond of "free tutorials" on the 'net. LOL

This pouch I made is way smaller than I'd like, but now at least I understand the construction on how it's made! That's a start!

On my way home from sewing class I browsed some books and magazines at Chapters and then did some groceries next door. I picked up the kids and we made some steaks for dinner with some really good whole wheat side dishes.

This evening we watched Dexter from this past Sunday and tonight's episode of Survivor. I also watched the 2 hour episode of Private Practice and worked on finishing up Bella's Mittens, which are now officially complete. I'll photograph them tomorrow and post that then! I love them. I am so excited to wear them tomorrow!


Amelah said...

I LOVE the pouch! You have to teach me how to make one!!!

g-girl said...

that is so awesome that mack is comfortable about school! yikes..why is it big expenses like that always come near the holidays?? it's true though, your safety is important. VERY cute pouch! your teacher isn't fond of the 'free tutorials' on the net? well, they sort of put her out of business! wow, what a fast finish for your mittens!

Bea said...

Love the box bag. Really really cute. For some reason I'm not surprised your teacher didn't like the free tutorials on the net.

Living Inspired said...

look at you! Great job! I always find little bags a pain, which is why I just buy them now. I love that one I saw at your house the other day! does she have a shop?

Tara said...

The little pouch is SUPER cute. Looks like it'd be great for knitting notions!