Monday, December 07, 2009

december seven

It never fails. There is always a mess in the house in the 5 minutes that it takes me to wash up in the morning. I'm still not 100% certain how he got a hold of a kleenex box (not sure where he took this one from) as all the boxes in the house are supposed to be out of child reach).

Sean is Mr. Silly. Even while in time out (that's his green time out chair) he was wearing his helmet backwards. He's been walking around the house lately with his helmet on. He could wear it for hours. He doesn't mind. Not one bit.

I've got progress on Zachary's Blanket.
Zachary is Jordyn's little brother.
(Zachary is exactly 12 days younger than Sean)
Zachary is my 2nd cousin.

Sean's class is collecting can tabs for a fundraiser. The Mount Sinai Hospital collects them and then turns them into metal for wheelchairs. I hadn't brought back my recycling yet, so we had a LOT that we were able to donate today to his class. If anyone else has any at all for me, please let me know, it's an on going fundraiser, so you can mail them over to me anytime! Let me know if you can help out.

I worked at home today until it was time to run 2 errands and then pick up the boys early to go get vaccinated. I wanted to make shot in enough time for it to kick in before the holidays. I was told it takes 10-14 days to be effective. Jamie and I were on the fence for the longest time about whether or not to get the kids and/or ourselves vaccinated. I finally made a decision a few days ago that I will get us vaccinated. I had read an article in the Gazette and basically because I will be traveling with the two boys in January when the next "wave" of the H1N1 flu will be going around, I didn't want to be in an enclosed airplane without being vaccinated. Not sure if this was the right decision or not, but we waited long enough after everyone else was vaccinated, and heard nothing serious happening from getting the shot, so I guess it can't harm.

The longest part of getting this done was the 15 minute wait afterwards to make sure we didn't have a reaction. There was no line up to get the shot. I was so happy it was in-and-out.

My arm didn't hurt when I got the shot, nor did either of the boys even so much as flinch. No tears, nothing. I was so proud of them. My arm kills now though... a lot. It's very sore. I was told it could last up to 3 days (hurting/sore). Fun.

I'm still hoping Jamie goes to get the shot but for some reason I don't think he will. And I'm certainly not going to push him to get it either.

I finished watching Monk tonight. It was Friday night's episode and it was the series finale. I'm so sad that it's over. I loved Monk. I now need something else to watch that Monk is over. Does anyone have a good series for me to get into? (Nothing with Jane Lynch please! I don't like her acting, which is why I couldn't get into Glee).


Bea said...

Haven't heard about availability of the shots in my county. Most have been in the northern part of our area. So none for me yet. I haven't decided if I'll get one though.

g-girl said...

teehee. mack looks so cute in this first pic despite all the tissues thrown everywhere..and sean..what a goof! i'm loving the shade of blue you're using for zachary's blanket. ugh..someone was supposed to tell you to roll your shoulder after you get the shot so that it won't hurt at all! I was sad Monk was over too. I only started watching it again the last month. Who's Jane Lynch?

Tara said...

I love that Mack just looks to happy, even though he's totally busted! Such a cutie :)