Thursday, December 17, 2009

december seventeen :: 18 months old

Mack is 18 months old today. 18 months. That's just insane. I don't understand how it went by this fast. I feel still like he was just born. Feels like yesterday. Yet, it was 18 months ago. A year and a half. Before you know it, we'll be celebrating his 2nd birthday. He doesn't say much, but he is such a good baby.

It's -19°C today. Make that -29°C is what it actually feels like. It's brutally cold outside. I hate it. It's toe numbing actually. I've been walking around with numb toes all day. It's just that cold.

I ran a lot of errands this morning. I finished most of my Chanukah/Christmas/Birthday shopping in the span of an hour and a half. I wasn't even supposed to go out this morning, I really wanted to stay in and keep an eye on my cleaning lady as I had specific stuff for her to clean this morning in order to prepare for Sean's birthday party this weekend. Normally I don't care if she misses something on the usual routine, but today I had extra stuff on the list since I wanted everything in tip top shape for the party. Though things seemed to be in order when I got home and I am glad that I ran the errands that I did.

I picked up myself a little holiday gift while out though. This adorable TEA box. I really needed one, to clean up my tea shelf. I do indeed have a lot of tea.

It helped clean up my shelf majorly, though not all my tea fit into it though.

This afternoon I had my final sewing class. I ended up starting a new project, which I should be able to finish on my own. My teacher told me though that if I have any questions that I could email her. I do plan to finish the project after the holidays, as this week I have my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my nephew staying at my house until Christmas Eve. And next week I have Mack home all week as his (old) daycare is closed. (Monday will be his last day, and he's only going in for the morning for his Class Christmas Party). I do have to say after today's class, I DO NOT like working with fleece. I wish the fabric shop where I took my class had fusible fleece in stock, but they didn't so I had to baste it. Sucks because fleece stretches and my material doesn't. So I had to rip up what I'd sewn (basted by machine) and it was really annoying. Wasted a lot of time with this. Though, now it's okay, and I should be okay to finish my project.

Did I enjoy this class? Yes and no. I did because I was the only student (I was VERY lucky - this is the first time this happened and it'll never happen again my teacher said). I still can't sew 100% straight lines, and I am not sure sewing is 100% for me. Though, I have to give it more of a chance because it's new to me. I didn't start out being a fantastic knitter or crocheter when I picked that up, so I guess I have to give it time. I do know how to some-what attach a zipper, though, I could improve on that as well. I definitely won't be taking up sewing for a living, but I can swing making small projects for myself if I want to/need to. My teacher is super nice, though she is almost certain that she won't be teaching next semester (too much going on in her life right now) so I don't know if I would want to take another class and start fresh with a different teacher as everyone has their own styles of teaching, etc. We'll see.

After picking up both kids from daycare, we stoped over at my friend Dara's house for about an hour. I had a Chanukah gift for her and her kids that I wanted to bring by. She asked Sean if he wanted his birthday gift now or at his party, and we both couldn't believe that he said he wanted to wait for his party! Shocking, I know!

This evening I baked cookies (oatmeal) for Sean's Class Christmas party which is tomorrow morning. I had to sign up for something and since the kids weren't huge on my apple cake last time (though the teachers loved it) so I agreed to do cookies this time.

I made them with little santas, since it's for his Christmas party!

Aren't they adorable? I think so!

This evening I spent the entire evening making lootbags for Sean's birthday party. I worked on them while I was watching tv with Jamie. I had 18 of them to do for Sean's friends. I hope they like them. I really had fun putting them together. I just love doing it. So much fun.

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Caroline said...

The cookies look great and I love your new tea box!

I have the same cup you have (the blue one with sheep, third from the left) on the top shelf!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

18 months already! Liv turns 18 months on Christmas day. Christmas will always be her "half" birthday.

They are growing so fast!

g-girl said...

the cookies are so cute! i love the TEA box you picked up. :) well, you got to stretch your sewing skills at least, right?

Bea said...

Cute cookies. I need to work really badly on sewing straight lines. I'm pretty pathetic at it if I don't have some sort of guide.

Tara said...

The cookies are awesome! And I'm sure your loot bags were awesome. You always go the extra mile to make things like that extra special, Robyn :)