Friday, December 11, 2009

december eleven

I got great news this morning when I brought Sean to daycare. The coordinator at his daycare pulled me aside and told me that she finally has a spot for Mack starting January 4th. I don't want to scream and jump of joy yet, but I swear, I almost kissed her feet when she told me. I have to bring in Mack's birth certificate & his medical record book next week. I won't say anything to the daycare where Mack goes until I have officially signed the paperwork so that I don't jinx anything. But I am so happy! Finally. No more dropping off and picking up in two separate locations. It's been very tiring.

I worked today in the office, nothing exciting really. My printer is broken so I kept having to run to the service department to get anything I printed. I could have shouted through my little window at the guys to bring me my papers... but I can never remember any of their names (except for our manager & the assistant manager, and one other guy who wasn't even working at the time!) LOL. Anyhow, my manager assures me that he's ordered me in a specific printer that we don't actually carry in stock for my office and we should get it in soon. Sounds good to me. Hoepfully it'll be there the next time I am in my office.

Tonight my in-laws came for supper and we celebrated Jamie's birthday. My step-mother-in-law made lemon merangue pie and boy was it delicious!

We managed to squeeze a family shot in before Mack's bedtime, but as you can see he was already having his bottle as it was late and almost his bedtime, and wanted nothing to do with a picture!

I read The Eight Nights of Chanukah by Leslea Newman tonight with Sean before bed. Chanukah started tonight - Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate. I lit the candles tonight, but only after Sean went to bed, so I will take some pictures with him tomorrow. He's so excited about Chanukah, I hope he understands what it's all about. I need to find another book that explains it better, because the book I read him tonight, while cute, was a song to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas"... so no real story in the book, but it was cute. And Sean liked it.

I finally have some designs to show you! I've got one for you tonight and another to show you in the next couple of days!

Here is Grape Vines.

I'm in love with this design.
Look at the pattern in the sock. I'm in love.


Bea said...

Happy first day of Chanukah.

The sock is really cute.

g-girl said...

that is SO awesome about mack getting to start at sean's daycare soon!!! the new sock is beautiful! and the colorway...swoooooooon! :)

Tara said...

Your new pattern is really beautiful, Robyn. Congrats!