Thursday, December 31, 2009

december thirty-one

Last day of the year. Wow. Really. I cannot tell you where the last year has gone? It's flown by like you wouldn't believe. I feel like just yesterday 2009 began. Though I probably say the same thing every year!? And my parents were right, as soon as you have kids and get older, time does pass a lot quicker than you'd like. And each year goes faster and faster and faster.

I baked some fresh oatmeal cookies today. They are so easy to make and delicious and addictive.

We played with costumes today too.

Though I couldn't get my husband or Sean to take a picture wearing the 'stache. Mack wasn't 100% happy about it either and I think it may have scared him. Though, isn't this picture just too cute with him wearing it? I even tried to bribe Sean with 10 new marbles, 2 new hotwheel cars, and a lollypop and he still wouldn't take just one picture with the 'stache. Smart kid. He's standing on daddy's side with him saying "mommy is crazy today"...! Oh well.

We played with marbles.

Rather, Sean lined them all up in a straight perfect row.

He did a great job at it might I add.

We observed.

And we smiled and had some giggles.

We checked out the larger marbles that were too big for the line-up.

A very busy day we had on New Years Eve (Day!)

From our house to yours - Happy New Year! May 2010 be a great year!

Mack says hi too! And Happy New Year!

Here is my current progress on my Mara Shawl. While I was hoping to have it finished by the end of the year, (which is not happening), I really have no idea what on earth I was thinking that I'd be able to knit it within a week. Maybe if I didn't have 2 young kids and other priorities, I could have finished it within a week.

I do this every year sometime in December, but forgot about it until today:

The first sentence (or two in my case!) of each first post of the month for 2009:
January: January First. Wow. Where did 2008 go?
February: Sean is 109 weeks old today. (And getting harder and harder to photograph!)
March: Sean is 113 weeks old today.
April: Raverly decided that it would be a funny April Fool's joke to give everyone a hat.
May: I swore I would never talk about my child's bowel movements, ever.
June: Happy Birthday Madeleine! Hope you have a great birthday!
July: Mack is 54 weeks old today.
August: Mack woke up with 99.6 fever this morning.
September: his morning's drop off for Sean at daycare was a disaster again.
October: It's October first. This means the beginning of the Habs season.
November: Sean is 148 weeks old today.
December: I figured it out! I sat there during Twilight on Sunday night thinking "Wow, Victoria looks familiar"... but couldn't place her.
I love doing this Meme each year. Here's a link to my 2008, 2007, and 2006 ones!
Finally before I leave you for my guests whom are about to arrive shortly, to watch the Habs game that starts at 5pm, and then stay for a fondu dinner, I want to show you my finished objects of 2009!

In chronological order, I've finished: Satellite Girl, Mitered Earrings, I-Cord Necklace, Nite Owl, Caryn's Bridal Shower Afghan, Moss Block Cardigan, Norma's Mitered Square Vest, Chevron Scarf, Queen Anne's Lace, Misty Garden, Rhumb, Ishbel, On No! Not Another Clapotis, Jubilee, Macduff, Desirée's Sock, Sean's Daycare Blanket, One Round Bracelet, Mack's Best Friend's Birthday Blanket, Toddler Tube Socks, A List of Things, Child's Hat, Chemo Cap, Grape Vines, Go Habs Go Socks, Jordyn's Blanket, Bella's Mittens, Hackie Sack I, Mom's Seaweed Cowl, Hackie Sack II.

I am quite impressed with my finished objects for 2009. The include:

9 pairs of socks (8 of which are my own design. I actually designed 11 pairs of socks in 2009)!
5 items that are considered accessories
4 blankets
2 garments (sweaters in this case)
4 scarves
2 shawls
3 hats
and 1 pair of mittens!

I have 30 finished objects for 2009 and I'm entering 2010 with 5 UFO's. I think that's not so bad at all. I thought it was a lot worse, but it's really not.

My 11 designs for 2009 are: Possibility, Grape Vines, Desirée's Pocket, A List of Things, Jubilee, Rhumb, Tastes Just Like Candy, XX XY, Nite Owl, Amelah and Satellite Girl. They are all available for download on Ravelry. Shortly I will have them listed in my shop for purchase as well.

Here's to a wonderful 2010! May all your wishes in 2010 come true! I haven't yet figured out all my new years resolutions, but I will let you know when I come up with them in a few days what they are! Do you have any resolutions for 2010? If so, what are they?


Amelah said...

Wow you got quite a bit accomplished!

Please explained to me why you took that picture?!?! I don't get it!!! With the mustache!! I am with Sean & Jamie on that are crazy! LOL but I love you still!!!! xo

Nice loot!!

Bea said...

Love the finished project mosaics. Also that meme is pretty cool. Makes me want to go back and look at what my first sentence was. Might need to go do that. Happy New Year again!

g-girl said...

i love the thing you had your oatmeal cookies in! :) haha. love the 'stache pictures!! marbles. how i love marbles!! your mara is coming along. :) what a pretty cowl you received!! onion jam? hmm..never heard of it! oh, i forgot about that meme with all the craziness! thanks for the reminder! you knitted with a lot of blue this year.

Tara said...

Happy New Year, Robyn! 2009 was certainly a busy year for you! Looking forward to seeing all you'll accomplish in 2010.