Tuesday, September 01, 2009

september one

This morning's drop off for Sean at daycare was a disaster again. He cried and threw a little fit. I am really not happy that it's as if I'm starting all over again with him at drop off. Mack's drop off was next. I dropped him off with all his things and went over a few things with his teacher. While I was talking to his teacher, there was a little girl in the side room (where there are more toys and whatnot) and she was in a high chair crying. I keep telling myself that I am not remembering this correctly, but I could have sworn she closed the door to the side room to not hear the kids screaming so she could go over the things she needed to go over with me. I really hope I'm remembering this all wrong, and that didn't really happen. I snuck out while Mack was playing with some toys. He didn't even notice me leave. I headed to work.

My mom ended up picking up Mack after 2 hours. They called her to come and get him. They really didn't give him a chance. They said he was crying for the entire 2 hours. I'm wondering what they even tried to do to comfort him? My mom said he was sitting on the rug crying when she arrived there. She wasn't sure if they were paying attention to him or not. I'll be finding out tomorrow what exactly went on. Maybe he was hungry? Maybe he was thirsty? Did they try giving him bunny? (One of the three now lives at daycare). Did they comfort him? Or did he just realize that mommy left him and he has to get used to the idea that I will come back and get him, and that he won't be left there for good? I am not 100% happy with the way his first day of daycare went, but I'm hoping there is an explanation for everything (including why one of Mack's teachers refused to speak to my in English), and that tomorrow will be better than today was.

I worked until 4:3opm today and ran some errands on my way home. I picked up a birthday gift for Jamie's step-Aunt who is turning 75 years old on Saturday. While at the bank I ran into an old friend who just had a baby with his wife. I had no idea they were living in my neck of the woods. I hope to meet their baby girl one of these days. They are literally living around the corner from me. What a small world.

I was craving whole wheat pizza tonight and of course the place we order the whole wheat pizza from didn't have any whole wheat dough in stock tonight. Jamie, Sean & Mack shared a pizza and I ended up having a souvlaki brochette plate. Wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it was still good. They guy said that the whole wheat is either in stock and no one orders it so it goes stale and they throw it out, or they have it in stock and it sells out fast. I simply have to wait for the next time they make a batch.

Tonight we watched Dexter, Big Brother & I worked on MacDuff. Here are some progress pictures from today:

My drop stitch scarf.

And trying out my new 9" Hiya's (2.75mm/US2), which I'm using for a test knit for my shop. I'm loving these knittles, they are just awesome.


Bea said...

I hope daycare is going better for Mack and that you are remembering things wrong. Otherwise maybe its worth just waiting until he can get into Sean's daycare.

I'm not pleased with my Hiya. I think its because they are slightly thicker then my Addi's and not nearly as smooth.

Tara said...

Huh, that IS a bit strange. I hope that Mack is settling into the new routine a bit by now, and that you'll get a spot for him at Sean's daycare soon.

g-girl said...

i love the colorway for maggie's macduff hat! eesh..sorry it was such a rough day at drop off for both of the lil ones. hopefully things have gotten better at mack's daycare.