Sunday, September 27, 2009

september twenty-seven :: 143 Weeks Old

Sean is 143 Weeks Old Today.

This morning we got up at our own leisure, and headed down over to the dinning room for breakfast. We were in the suites which were not attached to the Auberge, so we had to walk outside in the rain, unfortunately. Breakfast wasn't great at all, and we were very disappointed. After breakfast we walked over to the front desk to talk to the girl about the jacuzzi. The manager wasn't in, so we explained to the girl behind the desk about the situation. Apparently they are aware that there is an issue with all the jacuzzi's in the suites. So why didn't they tell us? Were they hoping that we would spend the extra money on the suite and not use the jacuzzi? The only reason we took the room was for the fact that it had a jacuzzi in it. She will speak to the manager and he will call us Monday, since he's not in today.

We chilled in our room until it was time to head back to Montreal.

I worked on my nephew's birthday socks on the car drive home.

I got word that Mackenzie locked both Sean & Harley in the dog cage. How funny!

We chilled at home a bit before going to my parents house for dinner. I worked a bit more on Mack's Best Friend's Birthday gift.
Dinner was nice, and it was good to see the boys again. They got brand new habs shirts from my brother & sister - Mack doesn't fit into his size yet, but I am sure it'll fit him well shortly.

Mack says a bunch of words right now. They include in random order:
- juice
- shoes
- peekaboo
- elmo
- dada
- mama
- Abc

And that's pretty much it for now. We're working on pronouncing things out with him.... hoping he gets more words soon. He does babble a lot, so he's definitely saying what's on his mind. Too bad we just don't understand it...!


Amelah said...

Sean left us no choice to buy him the shirt ahaha lol little bugger! That is okay, his Uncle Corey and his Auntie Amy enjoy spoiling them!!!

Mackenzie was looking out for me! He knew i needed a few minutes of not being disturbed, and that the only way to get it was without Sean and Harley ahah!!

Hope you guys had a fun time - other then the Jacuzzi not working!!!

Bea said...

Congrats on all those words! Silly boys in the cage and out.

g-girl said...

your nephew's sock is going to be cute! I like the striping. haha. how funny that mack locked sean and harley in the dog cage! he probably needed some peace and quiet too. ;) the blanket for mack's best friend looks great! ahhh, mack says peekaboo and abc? cute!

Tara said...

I love it when they start to communicate! too bad they never shut up after that though, lol!