Wednesday, September 02, 2009

september two :: 63 weeks old

Mack is 63 Weeks old today.

This morning I got to sleep in a little later than usual. The boys slept in as well. I eventually got the boys ready and took Sean to daycare. Again this morning was a bit of a fuss. I really hope that he stops this "I no like daycare" business. He's been there almost a year (September 23rd marks one year since he started). Everyday he does enjoy himself. I am not sure what this fuss in the morning is all about.

Mack was dropped off next at daycare. Still not realizing where he was, he went from my arms to his teacher's arms. No real freak out there this morning, until I started to leave and he realized.

I worked at home until I had to leave to go pick up Mack before the daycare's nap time. (12:30 pm for Mack's daycare). I had enough time to go to the post office and pick up a wipe container for the wipes at Mack's daycare as I was asked to bring one when I dropped him off this morning. (I have to supply diapers & wipes for Mack's daycare. Sean I only have to supply diapers). I picked up Mack, and apparently he napped for 1 of the 2 and a half hours he was there this morning. How that is possible, I am not even sure, as he slept in this morning. They said he was pretty much crying most of the time he was there (while awake). I know it'll take some getting used to - and him crying is normal. He has to realize that I will come back to get him, and he's not being left there forever. Until he builds that trust, he'll still cry. It just sucks that this week is a 4 day week as he started only on September 1st which was yesterday, a Tuesday, and next week is a 4 day week because of labor day on Monday of next week.

I fed Mack a pasta lunch (always my fave), and put him down for a nap. I'm not sure what that 1 hour morning nap was, but he never fails to nap in the afternoon for me. I made sure he went down for his nap before the appointment that I had with a contractor to come look at the floor in my basement where we think the water is coming UP from the ground (when it rains really heavy only), and before my appointment with my new trainer. My trainer was coming half an hour after the contractor was supposed to be here. Well, my trainer showed up, and the guy still hadn't. I trained an entire hour, he still never showed up. I called the company, as it was actually my father who had set up the appointment for the guy to come see my floor, and the guy was like "I have no record of an appointment at your house but your address sounds familiar". In the end, he sent his guy at 4pm.

I trained from 1:30-2:30 with an old friend of my sister's. My sister actually trains with her as well. She is a personal trainer and I had a good work out today. She came to my house today because Mack was in his crib napping. Usually I'll be going to her place, where she has a full basement gym or something. I'll start going there once Mack's in daycare full time. We will be focusing on my stomach and my thighs. Though I think as much as I could possibly tone those two areas, I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with the results. What women loves her stomach and thighs? Come on! Get real! She explained to me what my workout would be and I tried out all the movements. It's a mixture of Pilates exercises. I had a lot of fun and I have a feeling I'll be freakin' sore tomorrow. I hope to see her once a week and once she gives me a print-out of what exercises I'm doing, so I can follow (I have a bad memory when it comes to remember exactly what to do), then I want to do it 2-3 times on my own during the week, plus the one time a week I'll be training with her. I have a goal to have a flat stomach and nicer thighs before I go to Florida in the new year. Reasonable! At least this time in Florida I'll be 40 lbs lighter. I like the sound of that. This past year, I only started my weight loss program the day after returning from Florida. And maybe this upcoming trip I can actually wear a bathing suit. Last year we didn't go swimming once. It was too cold the entire trip.

After my trainer left, the contractor finally showed up. He took a look. There are two options, but we must run a test first, either the next time it rains, or by turning on the hose outside and letting it run by a crack we found in the exterior wall, but not in a location we thought would affect where I've been finding puddles. If the water runs into the house from this crack, then we'll have to fix the crack outside the house (800$ + tax). If it's not coming in through there, then we have an option of putting in a sump pump (950$ + tax), which will flush out any water under the house. He says if it is the crack in the wall or not, he recommends fixing the crack anyhow, as it's large enough for him to put his screw driver into, and putting in the sump pump is not a bad idea either. (So 1750$ + tax). Not an expense we were expecting, but better than 20,000$ + for having to excavate around the house if there was a problem in the pipes. He showed me a quote of a house in Pointe-Claire that he has to excavate and not only will it cost her about 15K for the work, but she had just put in a brand new deck in her backyard (3000$) which will have to be taken apart and put back when she is done the work for her pipes, and all her landscaping, etc. I'm so happy that it's not that for my house. What a relief. When I spoke to Jamie this evening he said we'd run the hose sometime soon and see if the water is even coming into the house from that crack.

This evening before knit night I met Amy at Dumoulin. She has a contact there, who is the manager. He had mentioned to Amy that if she ever needed anything to let him know. When he reminded her again this week, she was like "actually yes....". So I was getting a good deal on the Nikon D3000 which comes out next week. However, I ended up walking out of there tonight with the Nikon D60. The D60 is the best selling DSLR by Nikon, or maybe even the best selling Nikon digital camera even. In any case, I have 15 days if I decide I don't like it and want to get the D3000. However, there is such slim differences between the 2 cameras, and they're both 10.2 megapixels. They are so close in features, that it wasn't worth me waiting an extra week to get the D3000, and pay a lot more for it. Made no sense to me. So I walked out of the store tonight with my new digital camera! And let me tell you, I'm in love with it. I am so super happy that I got it.

Tonight at knit night I worked on MacDuff. I am almost done the repeat before starting the decreases to finish off the hat. It's coming along really well.

Look at this quality of low light imagery. I swear, if I had taken this exact same shot with my Canon, it would not have come out this clear without a tripod. The quality is just unreal what I am able to do with low light situations.

Tonight I was surrounded by a small group of knitters. It was a small group, but nice nonetheless. Small groups are just as nice as larger groups.

Hi, I'm Robyn and I'm no longer a Canon Cowgirl. I've finally flipped to the better side.


Caroline said...

I've been wanting to try those small circulars for a while. I've heard mixed review about them so far. Do you sell them in your shop?

Caroline said...

I think I just left a comment on the wrong post. I meant the 9" HyaHya circulars... :)

Bertha said...

You finally got a Nikon?? Ha ha, yesssss. I'm always happy when someone switches sides! I am a diehard Nikon girl, love it!

Tara said...

Personal trainer, huh? Nice! You'll be wearing a bikini in Florida!

g-girl said...

yay for getting your new camera! :) you had quite the day! do you think maybe mack fell asleep in the morning from all the crying he was doing @ the daycare? poor guy. it's gonna take him some time to get used to things.