Friday, September 18, 2009

september eighteen :: 4 year anniversary

Dropping off Sean this morning was brutal. He wanted to go to my parent's house "now". He didn't want to wait until dinner - since it's Rosh Hashanah. He wanted to go at 9 am. I'm still trying to work on "time" with him, but he is still not understanding the difference between 5 minutes and an hour.

This morning I had breakfast with my friend Dara and her son, Mack's best friend. Dara thought I was coming alone, but I surprised her by taking Mack to daycare late that morning. Breakfast was delicious, and I tried a Spelt Crêpe for the first time.

I worked this afternoon, and got a lot of things accomplished. My office is starting to get cleaned up, and a lot of things are getting out to where they belong. Once I'm on top of everything in my office, things will go a lot more smoothly. Almost there. While at work today I booked a little getaway for Jamie & I for our anniversary. I'm very excited to get away for a little bit. It'll be nice. Today, is our actual anniversary, we were married 4 years ago.

Tonight we went over to my parents house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. We celebrated with my entire family which was nice. We even had a nice anniversary cake from my parents.

The boys helped us blow out the candle. Mack was super fascinated by the flame! We actually left the boys over at my parents house (Mack went to bed before we were even done dessert) and had a quiet evening at home after we left my parents house. Opened up a bottle of wine, watched some tv and just relaxed. It was nice. Exactly what we needed/wanted.

Mack this evening was walking all over my parents basement. I think the crawling days are over. In a matter of time, he'll be running. It's over!

Tonight at my parents house Sean sold his first few chocolates for his fundraiser for school. We took one case (50 bars) we'll see how long it'll take to sell them. Last year they used the money from the sales to buy more books for the library but this year, I don't know what they will be using it for.

Tonight we had stopped by the Pharmacy on the way home from my parents house to pick up a prescription and since Jamie didn't want to be empty handed he got me a gift card to Chapters (have to decide what books I want now!) and a cute pair of earrings that I was looking at while he picked up his prescription. That was really nice of him, he really shouldn't have. He already paid of the difference on my Nikon D60 (difference from what I sold my Canon Rebel for). I really didn't need anything more. Thanks hun!

Progress of Sean's daycare blanket. Coming along!


Amelah said...

Happy 4 year Wedding Anniversary!

Hope you enjoyed your gift from me [aka time away without both boys!!!!]

Blanket looks awesome!!!! :-)

Robyn...with a clean office? Unheard of!

Bea said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

The blanket is coming along really well.

g-girl said...

happy belated wedding anniversary. :) looks like it was a good one. you're making me wish i knew how to crochet!!

dawn said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a nice relaxing evening.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy belated Anniversary!