Tuesday, September 15, 2009

september fifteen

Sean threw a fit again this morning at daycare. He wanted to go to a birthday party again this morning. I'd like to know who has a children's birthday party on a Tuesday morning at 9 am? After a little fit at daycare, I finally got him into the classroom and then headed to meet my friend Dara to walk with our boys to their music class.

I met her at the point where we would have met up if I were walking from home. Since I had to go to work after this class, this was the easiest spot to meet her and walk the rest of the way to the class. The fresh air was nice and Mack enjoyed walking next to his friend C.

I am so glad that it's a small class. I put Mack in the 14-24 month class, which was a good decision. C's not a year old yet, but we wanted to take the class together. The other option was the class later right after ours, which was for 4-13 month old. Though, since it would be better for C to get stimulation from the older kids, we felt it was best to go in the older class than to put Mack in the younger class. I'm VERY glad that we're in the earlier class, because I saw some of the faces in the class after us, and I'm super happy I'm not in that class. A bunch of japs I'd rather not spend an hour with. And the second class is HUGE, and I much prefer a smaller atmosphere. More my style.

After music class I took Mack to daycare and then came home to make lunch. I headed to work. I left work a bit early today as I had a slight headache. I got all the work I needed to get done finished though, before leaving, so that's a bonus. I'll be working in the office again on Friday, so it's not that bad that I had to leave early today. I came home for a bit to take care of a few things before heading to pick up the boys from daycare. Again today I picked up Sean first, and he had a good day today, napping at nap time, and behaved himself. And the morning crying didn't last that long, so that's good.

When I picked up Mack I was given his first painting! He painted a lady bug today. Very cute. (With help of course). It went straight on the fridge.

After a very yummy dinner from Marathon's, our fave greek restaurant, and the kids were in bed, I went over to a fellow knitting guild member's house, as she had offered me her unused Yoga Mat. She wasn't using it, and hated that is sat there in the box staring at her in her basement. I really appreciated the offer! It's even in the color I wanted it in - purple! (Though, I would have been happy if it were in any other color as well). I am going to make her a thank you gift to bring her to the next guild meeting for her generosity. It was nice though, when going to her house, I got to drive by my old high school that I went to from grades 7-9 before switching the high school that I graduated from. It brought back really old memories.

Tonight after getting in, Jamie and I watched the Big Brother finale. I am so glad that Jordan won! I liked her best from the remaining people (though, I was rooting for either Russell or Jeff when they were still in the house). I really hope that Jordan & Jeff get together, they are so cute together.

After I watched an A&E episode of Hoarders and finished the test knit I am working on. Pattern detail will come soon, promise! I can't wait to show you all my latest design. I will photograph it tomorrow and then work on the PDF to be released. After my test knit, I worked a bit on Sean's blanket for daycare. Here's it's progress as of earlier today:

I am doing 6 rows of the blue and 2 rows of white. (I only have 1 ball of the white). Cascade 220 Superwash (so I can easily was Sean's daycare blanket!) I am really liking the way it's coming out! I can't wait to see it finished. It's so super fast to crochet a blanket! I'm glad I decided to crochet him a blanket over knitting. It would be Christmas before I'm done knitting a blanket for daycare for Sean.


Bea said...

Oh smaller classes are always more fun.

Wow your fridge is crowded! Ours isn't magnetic. No fridge pics for us :(

Amelah said...

Friend C? No name?

Yeah Mack's first painting! BTW i need one to put up next to Sean's painting for me!!

I am loving the blanket for Sean! Looking good!

g-girl said...

sounds like it was a wise decision to do the earlier music class than the later one. how cool--mack's first painting! :)

Tara said...

I agree, crochet is definitely the way to go for a blanket. Although I prefer knitting, I do enjoy a good hooking session every now and again ;)