Thursday, September 03, 2009

september three

Sean was a little better at drop off today.
Mack started to cry at his drop off, as we started to go up the stairs (above) to his daycare.

I ran some errands this morning. It's amazing how fast I can do errands when I'm alone. I really was on a roll with my errands and got more than I thought I'd actually get done accomplished. It's faster when you don't have to keep taking a baby in and out of the car.

I picked up Mack after my errands, and fed him lunch. He's not too keen on eating at daycare yet. Apparently he threw his milk on the floor when they gave it to him. Little bugger. He never turns down milk. He's just fighting back at daycare. I guess it's normal. After lunch I put Mack down for a nap.

I had a little visit from Ariella, which was nice. She was in search of some bamboo circulars and I just happened to have some. She got what she needed and it was nice chatting with her. I like visitors. It's always nice.

I watched Episode 1 of the final season of Monk while doing some work. I'm so upset that it's the final season, I really like that show. I worked on my test knit while watching the episode.

When I picked up Sean from daycare today his teacher said he had a sad day today. He says he was happy today. Apparently he missed me all day, hence why he was so sad. Is this supposed to make me feel guilty that I send him to daycare? As soon as Mack's in daycare full time I will be working more hours in the office, so I'm not sitting on my ass doing nothing at home, that I should feel guilty for sending my son to daycare. I wonder if sometimes the teachers gets the kids mixed up at 5pm when we go to pick up our children. I really wonder. I repeately asked Sean this evening if he had a sad day at school today and he kept saying "No mommy, I had fun. Happy day". Ugh!

I've been having fun playing with my new D60. Oh my goodness the quality in low light without flash. Loving it.

Sean likes to help me recycle. We have a serious problem though. He likes to put the items in the huge bin outside. I found the front door open just recently, as Sean went to put something outside in the bin. This is bad for several reasons. 1) He forgot to close the door when coming in and the cat got out. 2) HE WENT OUTSIDE BY HIMSELF! This is not good. I am going to have Jamie install a chain on the door because I cannot risk Sean walking off and something happening to him. Not good! I can't believe he's now able to open the front door and wander off. It's seriously terrifying.

My adorable son making a wish with his eyes closed.
Testing out the lighting in my den. No flash again. Just love the quality.

My boys & I

My silly boys.

My sister stopped by to drop off a UV filter she picked up for me when she bought her camera tonight. When I got my camera last night they were out of stock, and the manager was transferring one for me to the store by me today. I was going to go pick it up today, but of course I have great taste and she wanted to get the same camera as me, so while buying her new camera, she picked up the UV filter for me.

This evening we had pasta from my fave Italian place in our area, Tutti Giorni (my cousin owns the restaurant) and I had my usual, which is whole wheat vongoli (seafood sauce). It's absolutely delicious let me tell you! I love it everytime.

This evening I watched Big Brother with Jamie and then 2 episodes with Dexter. I worked on finishing up McDuff while watching tv. This resulted in a finished object!

Pattern: MacDuff
Yarn: .49 of a skein Dream in Color Classy in Gothic Rose
Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Size: Large
Timeline: August 6th, 2009 - September 3rd, 2009 (was working on other things as well).
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: It was a more advance knit as there were very intricate cable stitches in the hat.
It was a nice challenge though.


Bea said...

Love the hat. So cute. I'm shocked Sean is going outside by himself already.

Craftlover said...

Sean is so funny, and probably he is very considerate and loves you so much that he doesn't want you to feel guilty for dropping him off in the daycare. he is so adorable. :)
I love him. haha

Your new hat is very gorgeous.
my fav color, I love it. :D

Tara said...

That's some quality photography, no doubt. Émilie likes to put stuff in the big garbage bin outside, as well. But she tells me she's going out, so I can supervise her!

g-girl said...

i'm totally noticing the difference between the shots you took with your canon vs. these most recent shots with your nikon! you're right about the low light quality without needing flash. silly me just assumed that all cameras shot like a nikon does without flash though. ack--that really isn't good about sean being able to open the front door and trying to help with the recycling.

dawn said...

You're seriously making me want a nikon d60! The pictures of the boys are super cute!