Tuesday, September 08, 2009

september eight

Today I was stuck home waiting for FedEx. So I had my mom come sit at my house while I dropped both kids off at school. Normally she'd do it for me if I was stuck home, but I wanted to do the drop off for Mackenzie since it's still new for him. I didn't want to confuse him and he's glued to my mom usually when she's around. (She loves it). I even had to have her sneak into my house after I left so that the boys didn't see her. (Or that would be the end of leaving my house without a fight). Sean cried again at drop off at school. I just don't get it - because he's been there almost a year now. Mack realized where he was again this morning and cried on the stairs on the way up to his classroom. I really am having a hard time with this drop off thing right now. Can we just skip ahead a few weeks when they are both comfortable and not crying anymore? I'd really like that, a lot.

There was no FedEx delivery while I was out dropping off the kids at school, but I couldn't chance it. If I hadn't had my mom come sit at my house, they would have for sure stopped by when I was not home. (My luck).

I worked from home today until my mom picked up Mackenzie from daycare at lunch. Mack wasn't crying when she picked him up today, in fact she said she heard no crying at all from any kid. This is good. Though he started to cry as soon as he saw her, because of course he no longer wanted to be at daycare after seeing my mom. I had to feed Mack lunch as soon as he got home because he refused to eat at daycare. Apparently this hunger strike at daycare is normal for a child just starting. He even refused to drink any bottles. He never refuses a bottle of milk at home. They even have the same bottle at daycare like we have at home, since I had to supply them with one. It's not as if it's a new type of bottle to him.

I was able to get him down for a nap today after he was done having his lunch. FedEx finally came while he was napping and I'm super happy that the doorbell didn't wake up Mack.

My laptop now turns on!! It was the mainboard that fried. I am so happy that it's back. I am going to bring it into work on Friday and have my manager restore it back to all my settings. He says he will be able to do that. I'm crossing my fingers.

I worked at home until Mack woke up and then we ran out to do some groceries before I picked up Sean from daycare. One of his teachers was a real bitch today when I picked him up. She was like "Well since you didn't look at Sean's book in his cubby Thursday is Teddy Bear Day and Friday is the Family corn roast from 4-6 pm". Huh? How did she know that I didn't read his book? Where was this coming from? I check his book every day upon pick up because I want to know how he was during the day, they check off his behavior, how he napped, how he ate during the day. And then she proceeded to tell me that Sean has had a runny nose and he has been coughing all day. Uhm really? From the time he got home until I left tonight, not a single cough was released from his chest, nor a single drip from his nose. Maybe she has a kid confused with mine?? That's entirely possible. No sick kid here. I just hate how if she had a bad day, she takes it out on the parents and makes you feel like you're the bad parent. Really not cool. I sometimes wish that Sean hadn't moved up to the new class. I absolutely love his teachers in the younger class. His new ones are just not as friendly.

I made a taco dinner tonight (on whole wheat wraps!) super delicious and healthy too!

Tonight I had the Montreal Knitting Guild Meeting from 7:30 - 9:30 pm. It's nice to be back after the summer break. Tonight, some of my West Island Knit group girls joined at the Guild, and it was nice to have them there, and see Jenn as well, since I don't get to see her at all anymore. I had fun, I paid my dues, got my notes for the next edition of the newsletter (I'm the editor), and worked only one row of the socks I'm test knitting for one of my patterns coming out soon. I really just wasn't in the mood to knit tonight as everyone was doing show and tell from what they've been working on all summer. I brought my Ishbel with me to show off, but didn't feel like bringing anything else.


Bea said...

Sorry about the crying. Isn't it always like that with delivery people?

Tara said...

That's like me and my "gift" for finding the slowest cashier line at Wal-Mart.

g-girl said...

hmm...sorry you got stuck with not so friendly teachers this time around. that's awful. :( i can't believe she said that to you either regarding you supposedly not reading his book. what's her deal?? i think at some point, i'd ask to speak to the director if she keeps that crap up. :P ugh.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I finally read this post today? I was over 100 posts behind on your blog- and still over 33000 unread posts in my bloglines. Oy.

It's nice to see you at guild too...and thanks for the birthday wishes (in the post a few after this one). :)