Monday, September 14, 2009

september fourteen

Sean was super cranky this morning. He cried at drop off but the crankiness started before we even left the house. Actually it started upon wake-up. At daycare, when we pulled into the parking lot, he decided he wanted to go to a birthday party. He saw this playground next to his daycare that holds birthday parties, and he wanted to go to one, now. He kept screaming that he wanted to go to a birthday party. No one's in particular, just a birthday party. I decided that I need to drop off Mack first at his daycare (but then realized I could do it today at pick up time, pick up Sean first then go get Mack) to show Sean that Mack actually goes to school too. This way, he sees that we are not hanging out at home all day watching TV, as he thinks we do.

When I was leaving Sean's daycare, one of his teachers came outside to see me, in the parking lot. She saw how distressed I looked after dropping Sean off. It really breaks my heart that he's like this every morning after a year of being in daycare. She reassured me that everything is always okay a few minutes after I leave and that he's okay and I shouldn't worry. It made me feel a bit better. It's still super hard though.

Then when I dropped Mack off at his daycare next, his teacher was like "So you'll be picking him up at 12-12:15 today?" Uhm, no??? He's already been coming for 2 weeks straight just mornings. It's about time he starts full time, don't you think? I can't get him used to me picking him up every morning, that's ridiculous!

I spend the day with my mom. She had some errands to run, as did I. I picked up some Halloween costumes for the boys, as they were dirt cheap. Old Navy was having baby stuff 25% off. The costumes are not that expensive to begin with, but with buying for 2 kids it does add up. They will both be matching spiders on Hallowe'en night. I can't wait. I am debating (because they're 25% off and now I have a 15% off additional coupon) getting them a different costume to wear to daycare for their Hallowe'en party. This way I dont have to worry about their costume getting dirty that they'll be wearing Saturday night to go trick or treating. We'll see what I end up doing...! All the costumes are just too darn cute, so I can't decide! I want to get them all! (They're good for dress up!)

I also picked up some ball weights for my new exercise routine that I am working on starting. I wnat to start toning, and now that I know what moves to do, I want to start making a routine and sticking with it. The balls were so inexpensive, so that's good. I got a 3 lb weight ball and a 5 lb one.

I've been working on the crochet blanket for Sean for daycare. It's coming along great!

I hope to have it done soon so he can take it to daycare already.
I think I want to make Mack's best friend one for his birthday to match his room.
These are so much fun to make. I love the Ripple pattern!

I picked up Sean from daycare first today, and then went to get Mack. I did it on purpose, as I mentioned early. Sean really liked Mack's daycare, and I am glad that he know sees that Mack goes to school too, and has actually seen Mack's teachers and it's not just "something we tell him that Mack does". This was a good idea. Sean napped today at daycare, and behaved as well. He had a good day, which I'm glad. And Mack, did well on his first day of being there all day, which I'm super glad. He wasn't crying at pick-up, which made me happy. Apparently he had a decent day! Not too much crying. See, things can get better.

Jamie had hockey tonight, and left just as I was putting the boys to bed. It seems for now, he'll have hockey on Monday nights, which is good, because it doesn't interfere with knit night. I was worried that it might. We have a good balance that I get to go out one night a week to do what I want, and he has his hockey night to do what he wants. We have nights we hang out together, but we have nights where we do our own thing. I think that's a key importance to any marriage, having your own space as well. Very important. Keeps us sane! I enjoy my weekly "therapy" sessions at knit night... I don't know what I would do if I lost them!

Off to go work on Sean's daycare blanket and watch some TV.


Bea said...

Man wouldn't it be great to just hang out at home and do whatever you want? Yeah I don't know anyone that gets to do that... Sorry he's having such a tough time with this again. How long did it take for him to get used to it when he first started?

Too bad you can't get the costumes just a bit bigger then you need so you can have dress up for longer then a couple months.

The blanket is looking really cute!

Excellent that Mack had a good day. Hopefully Sean will start to get the idea that school's ok and you guys aren't just goofing around without him.

Amelah said...

Oy i could understand how it breaks ur heart!! Poor Sean! I am sure it will get better?

Can't wait for Halloween with the boys!!!

Where did you get your weights from? I need to pick up a few things to start working out when I am not with the trainer!

Amelah said...

PS - the boys are super cute in their matching pj's!!!

dawn said...

Love the spiders! The boys look adorable in their matching pajamas.

g-girl said...

yay!!!!!! i'm so glad to hear that things have definitely gotten better with daycare for both sean and mack. :) the blanket is coming along fast!

Tara said...

I agree, it's important to have that balance, and to retain some things that you do for yourself.