Saturday, September 12, 2009

september twelve

I left bright and early this morning to pick up Eugenie at 9 am. First we got gas. Then we dropped off some stuff at my sister's house for her boyfriend's sister and her boyfriend's cousin. I had some baby stuff for one of them and a friend of mine had some baby boy stuff for the other. After Amy's house drop off, I picked up Madeleine in the city and we headed for Hemingford, Quebec. It's just under an hour to get there.

We got there in good timing, and the drive wasn't bad at all. Roxham, which is just outside Hemingford, is literally seconds away from the US Border. We were so close to the USA that when we left, the exit we got back on was exit 1 and we were able to see the US border patrol from where we were. Insanely close, but none of us had our passport with us.

Roxham Woolgathering.

Organic Food Stand.
I bought 2 Organic Apples.
They were delicious.

Lady Godiva's Booth.

Colette Van Haaren's Booth.

I had a really nice time today, I bought a little bit of yarn from Lady Godiva, whom I've purchased yarn from now 3 years in a row (I really like her stuff), and she gave me a repeat customer discount, which was nice. Some of my purchases are pictured below, later in this post. I had some delicious Shish Taouk for lunch, and we chatted with a really nice lady from Boucherville who has been coming to this craft fair for a bunch of years now. It's really nice chatting with other people.

After lunch and hanging out some more, we headed back to the city. We decided to go to a coffee shop on Monkland to have a drink and knit. I worked on my test knit. I also got my Simply Knitting Issue that I've been looking for like crazy at the Multimags across the street from teh coffee shop. I am super happy about this. I am so glad that I didn't miss an issue.

Today I picked up some Lady Godiva Worsted in Purple (3 skeins).

Some Lady Godiva Sock in a very colorful colorway.

And a thin fingering weight in brown.

Eugenie bought me some roaving, which I want to use to make felted soap. Thank you so much Eugenie, I really appreciate you buying this for me. You really didn't have to - but she insisted.

Across from the coffee shop I picked up this neat set for Sean. I think he's really going to get a kick out of them! I know I do!

Madeleine gave me a Goddess Offering. I had seen that Madeleine herself had one around her neck on her necklace so Madeleine told me where she got it. I picked up one for a friend, and I didn't even think to pick up one for myself, but I am glad that Madeleine got me one. I am going to put it on my keychain, so she brings me luck.

I think she's so gorgeous!

After I took everyone home, I picked up milk for the kids and headed home. Jamie was home with the boys and my parents were just leaving when I got home. Jamie went out with my dad today to buy the railing that they are going to install in my front walkway. It really needs to get done before the winter, so I am glad that at least we own the parts now, and they'll get around the installing it soon.

Once I settled in, Jamie ran out to do an errand, and I stayed in with the kids. Sean was super rowdy in the playroom, and I'm certain it's because he didn't nap today. Jamie picked up Tasty Foods for supper, which was really good. I hadn't had pizza from there in a while. And now that the place in my area that used to be able to get the whole wheat pizza from doesn't seem to keep it in stock anymore, I am glad that I was able to have really yummy whole wheat pizza. I used to order from Tasty Foods all the time when I lived in the city, but they won't deliver to where I live now, and it's not a chain restaurant.

I did a lot of laundry folding again tonight, while I watched some episodes of Hung & Dexter with Jamie. Dexter is getting really good, and we're trying to watch a few episodes at a time just to get caught up. And it's almost at the point where I just want to keep watching because I want to know what happens next. It's just that good and messed up at the same time. I sit on the edge of my seat each episode. Also, the really gory stuff, I can't watch. I close my eyes or turn away. Ick! I'm not a fan of blood. There is seriously a bunch of stuff in that show that could seriously give me nightmares at night. I'm shocked I haven't had any bad dreams by watching this show. (Yet).


Amelah said...

Looks like fun! Maybe next year i can come!!!

Cute set for Sean!

Where does the lady Goddess come from? Never seen one before.

Tara said...

I think the Goddess Offering is a really nice gift to give someone battling cancer. Very significant.

Bea said...

Excellent stash enhancement. This whole day sounds fun! The fork/spoon set is really really cute. The goddess thing is a really cool idea. Hopefully she will bring you luck.

g-girl said...

the goddess offering is gorgeous. :) i might have to look into getting one myself.