Monday, September 28, 2009

september twenty-eight :: 33 Months Old

Sean is 33 months old today.
I can't believe in 3 short months he'll be 3.
That's a lot of 3's! 33 months, and in 3 months he'll be 3.

This morning I dropped the kids off at daycare. At Sean's drop off, Sean's daycare coordinator was happy to see that I sold (with the help of my sister solely) another entire case of chocolates. I told her to give me another few days, and the rest will be sold, for sure. (Bringing Sean to a total of 4 boxes sold). I wonder if there is a prize for the most chocolates sold?

I worked from home today, getting the Montreal Knitting Guild's newsletter done as well. (I'm the editor). It's a fun little job, and I like doing it. I also got a lot of the never ending laundry done. Yes, it just never ends.

I did some groceries before picking up the kids from daycare. It's just easier to do them before picking them up. If I take Sean he wants to just touch everything and buy everything. It's not fun grocery shopping with him anymore. Or there was that one time he starting throwing everything out of my basket out of the basket onto the floor as we were shopping. Not fun.

Sean had a good day at daycare today. I like to hear that. And when I got to Mack's daycare, they asked me to buy him high-top sneakers with laces. Yeah, you read the correctly. High-tops with laces. Kids & laces just don't go...! Velcro is the way to go. Laces are just a pain in the arse if you ask me. And kids take off their shoes anyhow, so it's easier to throw them back on their feet with velcro rather than laces. I am going to look in the house to see if I have any size 3 baby shoes that are high top and laces.. but if I dont.... well then, I'm honestly not going to go out and buy new ones... they can deal.

This evening I made tomato soup from scratch. It was so delicious. We had some with our fish for dinner. I am so impressed with myself, making it from scratch. Jamie's not a huge tomato soup fan, and he even enjoyed it.

After dinner, we bathed the kids, we put them to bed. We ploped ourselves onto the couch for our regular monday night line-up. Heroes, Big Bang Theory, and then after that I watched House and Hoarders. After watching Hoarders tonight, it made me want to go clean my entire house and throw things out. I kid you not. Maybe this will be the kick in the ass to get organized. I worked on a bit of Mack's best friends gift, as well as my nephew's birthday socks while watching Tv.

Here is progress on my nephew's birthday socks.
They're coming along!


Amelah said...

Aww his sock is knitting up nicely! Almost disappointed i gave up that yarn!!! looking god!!!

OMG - Sean 3 !!! AHHHH!!!!!

Hahaha laces for Mack ? That's funny!

Andrea said...

That is some beautiful yarn Robyn! Great socks in progress :)

Bea said...

High tops with laces? Really??!? Wonder why they would be that specific.

Tara said...

The trouble with velcro is that when they get to kindergarten, the teachers expect them to be able to tie their laces, and you're all, WTF? But I agree, laces for a 15 month-old is too early.

g-girl said...

high tops with laces?? really? why? maybe cos they're not as easy to take off?! homemade tomato soup?? fantastic!