Friday, September 11, 2009

september eleven

Sean's drop off at daycare this morning was a disaster. He kept asking me a million times if he could come with me to the Family Corn Roast - which he was attending, because it's at his daycare. But he didn't seem to understand what "Mommy, Mack and Bubbie are coming later to the corn roast", he thought that meant he wasn't included. Trying to explain it to a 2 and a half year old just wasn't working this morning. We both sounded like a broken record. Him asking and me answering the same thing over and over again. One of his teachers upon drop off asked me what time Sean gets up in the morning, but I don't understand how waking him up any earlier would get him to nap at daycare. He hasn't been napping well at daycare at all. I think it's the new kids in his class that caused a distruption as some of the kids from his old class have moved up to his class now, and aren't adjusting well. And it could very well be that he's done with napping all together. We'll see what next week brings. I'm going to try to wake him up a bit earlier to see if it makes a difference.

Mack cried at his drop off this morning too. I really hope that they adjust better soon, it's really breaking my heart to have both my kids in tears every morning.

I worked today in the office. I brought my laptop with me today and I actually ended up leaving it at work, because my manager wasn't done the work to get my computer back to the way it was, and I really don't need to use it if it's not the way I had it.

Today we received our season tickets for the new Habs season. I am getting very excited for the season to start! Go Habs Go! Pre-season starts next week. I can't wait.

This afternoon after work I met my mom at Sean's daycare. She had Mackenzie with her as she picked him up at lunch time. Today was his last morning only at daycare. Monday he starts full time. I'm curous to know how that'll go. Anyhow, my mom's mom joined us as well, and that was nice. We had some corn on the cob, we chatted with some of the other parents that were there, and then we headed on our way.

We had dinner back at my parents house tonight since Jamie had ball tonight, I didn't feel like eating alone with the boys. My parents made a fish plate and some hot dogs for the boys, and we had a nice dinner. My grandmother said for dinner as well.

After dinner, the boys played a bit in my parents basement before we headed home. I put the kids to bed and then did some work and some laundry as well. At some point, I went up stairs to get something, and I couldn't understand why there was light coming from Mack's room. There's no way he could get out of his crib. When I peaked in, he was fast asleep in his crib. I must have forgotten to turn off the light before leaving his room. I've never done that before. Very weird. He didn't even wake up when I opened his door to see why his light was on. He must have been very tired! I caught up on some Monk tonight, and folded almost all of the laundry. The laundry that never ends.

Happy Birthday Jenn!

My thoughts are with those whom lost loved ones 8 years ago today on September 11th, 2001.


Tara said...

SO jealous of your Habs tickets. I'd just like to get to go to ONE game a season, you know? *Sigh*

Bea said...

What happens if he is done napping? He's allowed to be awake for that time? (Not in a bad way, but I can just picture the teachers thinking "there goes out little break in the day")

g-girl said...

you know, from the sounds of it though, you're doing a fantastic job despite all the tears from your lil ones. i know it's hard..i've seen it many, many times but the time will come when both of them have adjusted to the new changes. ohh, i didn't get to comment on how i'm glad your laptop is now okay!