Friday, September 25, 2009

september twenty-five

My dad stopped by this morning with some snow suits from his best friend's wife. They wanted to get Mack something practical for his birthday, something that he needed. It's really hard for people to gift someone who is a 2nd child, and a 2nd boy. It's rare that I need something for Mack, that I didn't already have from Sean... (though, Mack does get brand new stuff, it wouldn't be right for him to get just hand-me-downs, though the new stuff is the "off season" stuff.... as Sean is a winter baby and Mack's a summer baby). In any case, the hunt for a snow suit for Mack is becoming an issue. I didn't realize that size 18 months was impossible to find. She was able to get me a size 12 months as well as a 24 month one. Oddly, the size 24 month is the SAME size as Sean's 3 year size snowsuit that he will be wearing this upcoming winter. (Got it on liquidation after last winter - best time to buy!) The 12 month size is too small for Mack. He's tall. I really need 18 month size.

My dad played with the boys this morning while I got ready for the day. It's rare that I get to get ready without a kid hanging onto my leg. It's rare that I even get to go to the bathroom alone. I treasure it when I can.

I worked from home for a bit this morning, I had a few things to take care of from home. I ran some errands on my way to work, and then worked in my office all afternoon. At pick-up today, I was told that Sean didn't listen very well at all today. Ah, the terrible twos are really trying. And some people tell me that the three's are worse. Some say they are better. I guess we'll wait to see... as we approach the age of three in almost 3 months.

Tonight we went out for some Chinese Food. Oh, it was delicious. I hadn't had Chinese Food for months until recently. Now that my metabolism is working in full gear.... it's just wonderful. I am slowly re-introducing foods I used to eat, but in absolute moderation. That's the key.

After the kids were in bed tonight, I ran out to see if a local shop had any more size 2/3 pants for Sean. I had picked up a pair there, and now when I absolutely needed to get more for him, there weren't any left. This in-between size thing sucks. Size 3 is really too big... and size 2 or size 24 months are just too small. He's also in the 75th percentile for height, like Mack, so they're both tall. They need length. But they've both got no waist... so pants don't stay up. I'm going to be on the hunt for size 2/3... Really, someone should invent size 2.5 (two and a half). There really are kids who are that size! Anyhow, while out I did manage to find a gift for Jamie's cousin's daughter's first birthday party, which we'll have in November. I'm in the middle of putting together a gift basket for her.

Tonight we watched Hung, Survivor, and Big Bang Theory, catching up on this week's shows. I worked on some crochet while we watched. I know... I'm crocheting! Really! It's kinda... addictive.


Bea said...

Sometimes I wish they would make half sizes for women too...

Heddy said...

Do they have "X" sizes ffor kids in Quebec? In Nova Scotia, you can buy sizes 2X which is halfway between 2 and 3 -- they do it for sizes 2 - 6, to try to meet the needs of growing children. I think Sears, Walmart, Zellers, etc. all carry it (at least in my end of the country -- maybe not in Quenbec?)

g-girl said...

sean's just testing..boys in bigger groups tend to do that. those poor teachers. how they ended up with a majority of boys, i don't know! good luck finding mack an 18 month size snowsuit.
oh and i didn't get to say (cos I forgot to!) how great sean's blanket looks! And i love that he was helping you measure it!

Tara said...

Three is easier, hang in there. The difference between 2 and 3 is pretty staggering.