Wednesday, September 16, 2009

september sixteen :: 65 weeks old

Mack is 65 weeks old today.

He is still my happy baby. I love it.

Drop off is getting easier, but maybe I shouldn't jinx it. This morning Sean was fine until I actually started to leave, but it wasn't a huge fit, so I'll take that over a huge fit. His teacher managed to calm him down, and it never lasts long anyhow, as they say. Mack upon his drop off reached over to this teacher, so I'm starting to think he'll have no problems adjusting soon enough. He did shed a few tears, but no tantrum, which made me feel better.

I ran some errands afterwards and then headed home to do some work before having to go pick up the boys from daycare. Sean had a happy day at daycare today and he was walking around saying "I had a happy day" "I happy". It was cute. I am so glad. Sean didn't get a good nap today because another kid in his class woke up screaming from a nightmare which apparently woke up all the other kids. We then went to pick up Mack from daycare, and Sean says he's "Happy to see Mack's school, I like Mack's school". Cute. Mack was sitting on his teacher's lap when I picked him up, with another little girl, named Riley. I found this cute, because Mack's middle name is Riley. They were listening to a story. Riley is a month older than Mack.

Tonight I had West Island Knits Knit Night. We had a very special guest tonight, Robyn who is doing a project called Knitting Sprawl. Knitting Sprawl explores ideas around community, suburbia and knitting in Canada. Robyn is traveling across Canada to meet with knitting groups to talk with them about their communities. The project includes video, photography and knitting, of course! Robyn is pictured above on the right hand side of the photo.

We have a really nice gang that I knit with. I really like our group. I worked tonight on the blanket for Sean for daycare. It's coming along quite nicely. This crochet thing is growing on me. I had a really good time tonight, conversation was fabulous (as always) and it was really nice to have Robyn & Sonya join us.


Bea said...

Happy to hear they are both starting to adjust again! Nightmares suck.

Amelah said...

Oy Mack is too cute!!!

Hat looks good on her!!! Glad she loves it! Cant wait for the knti a thon!!

Knit night was coool, curious to see this video when it is all done!

g-girl said...

the hat looks great on maggie. :) i'm sure she loves it and wears it all the time too. awww, how cute is sean saying he was happy to see mack's school and that he liked his school? :)

Tara said...

Wow, that sounds like an interesting project! I'll be curious to see what she publishes.