Friday, September 04, 2009

september four

This morning Sean woke up soaking wet. I cannot understand how he is soaking through over night. He's making on the potty before bed, and we're putting him in a fresh diaper before he goes to bed, seconds before turning off the light. And we're giving him minimal milk before bed. He fights us if we don't give him any milk at all, so I cannot cancel out his before bed milk. It was so bad this morning that I had to give him a bath so he didn't get a rash on his skin. Usually if he's a bit wet in the morning I just wipe him down with a wash cloth. But this morning it was way worse than usual.

Sean threw a fit (I see a theme going on here every morning lately) this morning when I wanted to leave the house. He wanted to finish watching Barney on Sprout (our fave channel right now for the kids - Sean got sick of Disney right now and is on a Sprout kick). He then threw a fit at daycare when I dropped him off. Apparently he doesn't like school anymore.

Mack's drop off was next. Mack realized where he was and started to cry before I even handed him off to his teacher. He did go to her arms, but not happily. It is so super hard to listen to your kids cry when you drop them off. It's breaking my heart, and makes me feel guilty. It's so hard listening to your child cry because all they want is you. And it's worse when it's both kids doing it. I honestly think it's because he was home way too many days last week because of his ear infection and he's reacting because of that. Also, add in the factor that new kids started in the younger class at his daycare, so his friends whom he used to be with are now in his class with him, but they're freaking out to the change of teachers and are crying as well. One child cries, it sets off a chain reaction.

I worked at home until I picked up Mack from daycare. It is such a disaster around Mack's daycare as they are doing construction on the main street. I know all the back roads now because of the construction, which I guess is not really a bad thing.

Mack cried off and on today. I'm glad to hear it wasn't 100% of the time. He has yet to eat at daycare, he's been on a food strike while there. He won't even take milk from them in his bottle, he throws it on the floor. Hopefully next week he'll start eating a bit more.

Mack napped all afternoon. I got more work done while he napped, but was glad to get it all done so by the time he got up I was able to play with him until we had to leave to get Sean from daycare.

After dinner tonight Jamie and I caught up on some more episodes of Dexter. We finished Season 1 tonight, and we're onto Season 2. I don't think we'll be able to finish Season 2 and 3 before Season 4 starts at the end of September, but maybe. It's such a messed up show, I love it. I'm seriously on the edge of my seat every episode we watch. I didn't feel like knitting tonight while we watched tv, so I took a break tonight. Just sat back and relaxed while watching tv. It's rare that I do this, but I've been working on deadline items, and having finishing some deadlines recently, I took a breather.

Today I'm loving my black ring.


Bea said...

Gosh I hope next week goes better at daycare. Hugs! I know this is so hard for you.

Craftlover said...

I totally understand how you feel.. it's really heart breaking to see your lovely kid cries like that. Especially you have to leave them alone with others in the day care .
That's why we planned to do that next year, not this year (Erika is two now) ...
and I dont' really trust those daycare in China though. and they usually offer FULL Day, wow , this is terribly long for both the kid and mommy. Since I don't have to work, so, why not take care of her on my own?
so, finally we didn't put her to the daycare. :)

but, I can imagine that she will cry a lot (also food strike!) when she starts school next year! :(

Erika recently loves the "little Einstein", "Mickey mouse" (less interest too) and Barney . :)
I downloaded them to my iphone (we don't have any channel for these programs) ... :)

Tara said...

All this Dexter talk has me wanting to check it out now! But with the new season of TV getting underway, I don't know if I'll have the time.

g-girl said...

you poor dear. i'm hoping it gets better for you. i know it will but one can always hope!

dawn said...

Love the black ring!