Sunday, September 20, 2009

september twenty :: 142 weeks old

Sean is 142 weeks old today.

Today we had Jamie's mom and her wife over for Rosh Hashanah lunch. Since no one on Jamie's mom's side was making anything, we decided to invite his mom & her wife over to see the kids. We made a small lunch, and it was very simple, but very appreciated nonetheless. We don't see Jamie's mom and her wife often, but it's good for them to see the kids once in a while. While they were over, I showed Jamie's mom how to knit in the round. She's knit and crochet before, but just didn't know how to knit in the round. I gave her some DPNs and some yarn to make my nephew some simple socks for his birthday, as per his request. That's what he wanted. I think I am going to make him a pair too.. Maybe some tube socks or something. I should have time to do them before his party in November (need to find out the exact date of his birthday party though).

This afternoon my dad & Jamie finished putting together the swing set. Sean's already in love with it. It made his day I'm sure. I can see this swing set getting a lot of use.

Tonight we went to my Aunt & Uncle's house for Rosh Hashanah dinner. As of tonight, we've covered all sides of all our families. I love this new picture of my 2 boys with my parents. Such a gorgeous photo. Definitely frame worthy.

Mack behaved himself and was a good boy all evening.

Sean had fun with Jakob (Jenn's son) jumping on my cousin Aaron's bed. I had no idea of this until I saw the pictures afterwards. I wonder who started the jumping - Sean or Jakob?

I sold even more chocolates to my family here, and Sean is on a roll selling out his first box thisw weekend. Maybe we'll take another box to sell when I bring back the money from the first box sold tomorrow. We'll see if they even have anymore boxes.


Bea said...

Yay for trying new knitting techniques!!

Living Inspired said...

your parents look so young...especially your Mom!

g-girl said...

the swing set looks great! jamie and your dad did a good job. so did they go for 8 hours? nice picture of your folks with the boys. i agree, definitely frameworthy. :) oh i didn't get to comment about the cauliflower from your last post-i had no idea they preferred cold weather. that's so cool that you've got your own cauliflower growing. :)

dawn said...

The swing set looks great! The picture of your boys with your parents is adorable!

Tara said...

That's really a great shot of the kids with your parents. Gosh they grow up so fast, don't they?