Sunday, September 13, 2009

september thirteen :: 141 weeks old

Sean is 141 Weeks old today.

I got to sleep in a little this morning, so that was nice. I like that Jamie lets me sleep in on occasion on the weekends. Jamie took Sean for lunch at McDonald's, and I stayed in with Mack. Sean insisted that he had to have McDonald's for lunch today, and since we don't go often at all (I don't eat McDonalds anymore - dietary reasons), I didn't want to go and smell the food there, because it would just make me want some. So I had Jamie bring home a kid's meal for Mack, and he ate that at home afterwards. What's really neat is that McDonlds is giving out Hotwheels as their Kid's meal toy right now, and Sean is obsessed with collecting hotwheels (or even no-name) cars. So he actually got 2 new cards today, since Mack si ssharing his toys with Sean. What a good brother!

My sister came over this afternoon with Harley so he could run around my fenced in backyard. Eventually my parents came over with Bosco as well and they were all running around my backyard. Sean found a caterpillar that he decided that he wanted to hold (EW!!!!!!!!) and wasn't one bit phased by it's fuzziness (once again, EWWWW!)

I started a crochet blanket for Sean for daycare. The blanket he has now was a gift, and it shrunk and Sean grew. It doesn't cover him anymore and I want to make him a new one. I decided to go with crochet since it's a lost faster to crochet a blanket than knit one. I wonder how long it'll take me to get this done.

So far, I like the way it's coming out!

Afterwards, late afternoon, I went to my parnets house for a barbecue supper. After dinner and the boys were in bed, Jamie & I watched a bit of the Big Brother re-cap show, and then we caught up on another episode of Dexter. I wish I had more time this evening to watch more than just 1 episode tonight. We have 4 more episodes left of season 2 to watch. Then we have season 3 and season 4 starts on the air on September 27th, though I don't think that we'll catch up on time for that, but pretty close if you ask me. After Jamie went to bed I watched epsiodes of Hoarders (an A&E show) that I have on my PVR and then two episodes of Law & Order Criminal Intent. I watched and worked on the crochet blanket. I'll post a progress photo soon since it's way more advanced than my photos above of the start. It's coming along!


Amelah said...

It's coming out cute the blanket!

BTW thanks for having us over!

Tara said...

Aaawww, it's just a Teddy bear caterpillar, for Pete's sake. It might turn into a beautiful butterfly someday! :)

Bea said...

I don't like McDonald's food. Chris suggests it now and again just to see me make a "ew, gross" face. Be careful with the caterpillars! Some can be poisonous to touch! We have some in our backyard that are.

dawn said...

My boys love the hotwheel cars at McDonalds too. What a cool fuzzy caterpillar!

g-girl said...

that is a big caterpillar! i couldn't have picked it up either. lol. check out that crochet blanket! :)