Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september twenty-three :: 66 weeks old

Mack is 66 weeks old today.

Mack had his first swimming lesson today. We don't know anyone in the class, and this class everyone seems to keep to themselves. Very quiet class. Small class too. Sean's class on the weekend is over packed, and Mack's is just right, with a handful of people. I like it better that way, you can actually hear the teacher talk. The swim coordinator was there this morning and noticed my weight loss. Her compliment made me feel good.

I love this photo of Mackenzie from this morning after his swim class. This sweater is just too cute on him. It's by Joe Fresh. I really like his line of clothing. (Found here at Loblaws or Maxi).

After swim class I dropped Mack off at daycare and then my car off at Acura for a servicing. My mother was supposed to meet me there to bring me home, since they needed my car for a few hours, and I don't exactly live within walking distance. I couldn't find her, she wasn't home and her cell phone was off, so I took their car service home. Boy, what an awkward car ride. While I was around the corner from my house, my mother called my cell. She didn't realize her cell was off and she was next door to Acura doing an errand. I had no idea that she was next door. Didn't even see her car there. Anyhow, she met me back at my place as she wanted to show me something, and then headed on her way.

I worked at home all day. An hour before having to go pick up my car and get the boys from daycare, I ran on the treadmill. I couldn't understand why I was sweating like there is no tomorrow. Ok, yeah, I run on the treadmill, I sweat. But I usually don't drip buckets. So I went after my run to investigate.

My house was 79 degrees!
No wonder!

Today in the mail I received Bea's sock from my Single Sock Swap Round 2. She knit me the first sock in the Dolomite Pattern by Anne Hanson and used Madeleine Tosh Sock Yarn in Moss. It's so yummy. Thank you Bea for the package! I can't wait to finish some other projects to be able to cast on this sock. (I also need to do the second sock from the first round of Single Sock Swap...! I'm a tad behind!)

Today when I went to pick up Sean from daycare I was talking to one of his teachers. She mentioned that there was 11 boys out of the 16 in her class and all the boys have been really rowdy lately, not listening and ganging up with each other. He hasn't been listening in school, but he has been napping. He needs to work on listening to his teachers. Also, he is still not sitting at the table properly at lunch time. He doesn't sit straight and he doesn't sit for very long. She told me not to worry yet though, as he's still young. Hopefully this will improve with time.

Tonight I made a pasta dinner and ate with the two kids. Jamie had pizza with the guys. There were 11 guys in my den tonight, for Jamie's annual hockey pool. Boy were they rowdy. And of course, Sean wouldn't go to bed until they were all gone. He didn't want to miss out on any of the action. I really hope that he gets up for school tomorrow.

I did manage to sell the rest of the chocolates for Sean's daycare! Jamie's buddies bought them all up. Gonzo! Feels good ot have them gone. I wonder if we're the ones whom have sold the most chocolates? I think we've sold 2 full cases (100 bars).

I did manage to weave in the last ends to Sean's daycare blanket tonight. I have a finished project to share with you tonight! Sean loves it - that's all that matters!

Pattern: Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB (Ravelry Link)
For: Sean
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Denim & White. (5 skeins of denim & 1.5 skeins of white)
Hook: 5.5 mm (I)
Size: Toddler Length. Finished size is 33 inches by 37 inches. 9 blue sections, of 6 rows per section. 8 white sections, of 2 rows per section. It’s 130 stitches wide.
Timeline: September 13th, 2009 - September 22nd, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published to my own desired length.
Opinion: Love it. Sean loves it. That's all that matters.
His toes won't be uncovered at daycare during nap time anymore!

Sean helping me measure it.


Amelah said...

Oy love Mackie in the hoodie!!!

Nice package, love how the yarn, pattern and bag all match :-)

Sean is too cute sitting there with all the guys!!! Haha guys I work with!

Love the blankie you made for Sean! Looks like he likes it too!!

Bea said...

Wow you had a full house tonight. The blanket looks awesome (if I ignore the fact that it is blue...if I have kids am I going to end up with a boy just because I don't like blue?)

g-girl said...

ooh, love the package you received from Bea! She's so chic matching the sock to the bag she sent you. ;) male bonding. starts young, doesn't it!

Tara said...

Wow, you scored some Madelinetosh Tosh sock? Sweet! And having seen your single sock collection, yes, you really DO need to get a move on, sister :)

dawn said...

Sean's blankie is adorable. My boys love to measure things too...that's probably how I always end up losing my tape measure.