Saturday, September 05, 2009

september five

I slept in today and I really appreciate Jamie for letting me do so. Once I got up he headed out the door to pick up fresh bagels and we had a bagel brunch. The bagel shop around the corner from our house, (we literally live behind it), has flax seed whole wheat bagels. They are super delicious.

My sister came over for a bit with Harley and the two of them (Sean & Harley) tired each other out. They had a field day running around my backyard.

While outside, I noticed some almost ready red pepper!

This afternoon we had a birthday party for Jamie's step-aunt's 75th birthday. This picture of Jamie and I is my new absolutely fave picture. I'm printing this one for sure, and framing it.

We had a good time at the birthday party surrounded by family. Sean had a field day playing with his cousins. My step-sister-in-law picked up foam swords for the kids, and they had a field day playing with them. What an inexpensive way to keep the kids busy for a few hours!

Mack made friends with my step-sister-in-laws cousin who is 18 years old. She's in Montreal at McGill for school. She's from Boston. Real nice girl, and fell in love with Mackie.

We had an interesting time at the party. Mack decided to take off his pants and climb up on a chair. Never seen him do this before. I've seen him take off his socks, but nothing more than that. Today it was his socks and his pants. I've also seen him climb up on the couch at home, but it's lower than the chair he climbed up onto today. It was cute.

I'm super happy that I packed with the kids pj's (Mack's pictured above in his). Sean ended up sitting in a dirty diaper too long (while he was playing with his cousins) and by the time I got to change it it had leaked into his pants. And we're not talking just number 1. It was a royal stinky disaster. He was changed immediately into his pj's and spent the rest of the evening in them. If I hadn't brought his pj's he would have been without pants and that wouldn't have been good as it's starting to get really chilly at night. I'm happy I had thought to bring a sweater-thingy for myself, as I was in a tank top (my fave black one - see picture above) and started to freeze once the sun went down. I need to start packing change of pants as well, not just change of shirt. Pants can get just as dirty as a shirt can. You'd think I'd have learned by now!

So now my father-in-law wants the same Nikon D60 that I have. He's super jealous. He totally thought that he would have upgraded before I did. He's had his Canon Rebel (the original rebel) from when I got mine. I then upgraded to the Canon Rebel Xt. And now, to the Nikon. Let me tell you, I am positive he'll end up getting one. Just a matter of time. My father-in-law is an aspiring amateur. He loves it. He wouldn't call himself a professional but he defintely snaps away whenever there is family functions, etc.

This evening we had to ditch out earlier than we wanted as the boys had to get to bed. We definitely stayed a lot later than their bedtime, but there is only so much time they could stay awake for and be functional. Since this was still early enough, Jamie and I watched a couple of episodes of Dexter to catch up. It's so hard just to sit down and watch only 1 episode. Impossible. You just want to know what happens next.


Bea said...

You guys have an amazing number of birthdays to attend.

Craftlover said...

oh, your kids are just so adorable that every girl will fall in love to them. hhahaha
hm, I think they will be quite busy by the time they get into high schools (with studies and girls.. hahaha)

Yeah, I agree with you, the picture of you and Jamie are very very nice. So sweet and warm. :)

framed it already?

Tara said...

That IS great picture of you and Jamie. Definitely frame it.

g-girl said...

that is such a sweet shot of you and jamie! definitely frame worthy. wow, good thinking on your part to bring the boys' jammies!

dawn said...

I agree...what a great shot of you and Jamie!