Tuesday, January 13, 2009

january thirteen :: 30 weeks old

Mack is 30 weeks old today.

This morning I was awake at 4:45 am. I got dressed. I then got the kids up and dressed. Got a baby bottle ready for Mack and a sippy cup of milk ready for Sean. I packed the car and got ready to leave to the airport. The airport was fun with all our bags. Between the 5 of us traveling, (My sister, my mother, Sean, Mack & I) we had 5 suitcases and all our carry-ons. We had to go through customs before dropping off our baggage.

When we got to security, the man said it was okay for us to have the amount of water we had on us, because we were traveling with 2 kids 24 months and under. (Sean’s still 24 months old until the end of January, but because he’s 2 years old, he gets a full fare ticket on the flight for a seat). Anyhow, once we passed that guy, and put all our stuff (strollers included) through the x-ray machine, the lady on the other end told us that we weren’t traveling far enough to have that much water on us. And then she snapped that we didn’t put our stuff away fast enough. (A lot of our stuff was dumped out of our bags, since we had to put our electronics into another bin through the x-ray machine).

We got to pre-board the flight, since we had the kids with us. At first I sat with Amy, Sean & Mack was on my lap. He wasn’t allowed to be in my Snugli during take off or landing, for safety purposes. However, I honestly think it’s safer if he’s in the sling, in case of anything, I have my hands free, but anyhow, that’s just my opinion. My mom sat in the same row just on the other side of the aisle. She had a mom traveling with her 5 month old baby named Max (whom she called Maxie and I turned every time because it sounded like “Mackie”) and her 4 year old (or so) daughter Marley. Sean, who is active/full of energy was way better behaved than Marley, double his age.

Sean not only had his milk in the airport, but on take-off he polished off 3 full sippy cups of apple juice. So what happened? You guessed it! He peed so much, that he peed right through his diaper and soaked, I mean soaked like you wouldn’t believe, through his pants. Never did I imagine that this would happen – I had packed an extra shirt in the diaper bag, but not pants. Now I know for the flight home.

Mack, was good (an angel) during take off and landing. Actually he fell asleep in the snugli about halfway through the flight and slept until about 30 seconds before we touched the ground. I got about 30 minutes cat nap during the entire flight, while Mack was sleeping on me, as I couldn’t move.

Thank goodness we each had our own individual tv’s on our seats, as it kept Sean entertained.

We were the last ones off the plane. Not only because we had children, but because Sean made such a mess of all our stuff, that we had to clean up.

Because it took a long time to get off the plane, our luggage was sitting there lonely, with an airport guard watching it. That was nice of him to sit there and wait for us to get our luggage.

Then we had to take a shuttle to the car rental place. Thank heavens the guy driving was able to help us, our bags (which were under the 50 pound limit) were still heavy. And the duffle bag with the playpen was ridiculously heavy.

It was a while at the car retnal place (Alamo) because my mom couldn’t decide between 2 mini vans. A 2009 Dodge Caravan instead of a Toyota Sienna. The van is super nice, very spacious and my worries of getting a nasty used car seat for Sean were relieved. The car seat we got was actually almost if not brand new. (Mack’s in our bucket from home).

The drive (in some rain) was about 25 minutes to my grandmother’s condo. The condo premise seems to be very nice. My grandmother’s condo itself is very nice, and spacious for a 1 bedroom condo. There is 2 bathrooms, the one with the shower is in my grandmother’s bedroom, which is where I’m sleeping with my sister and the 2 kids.

When I got here my grandmother gave me the 2 packages that I’d ordered to her house. One was a pair of shoes that I got off of shoebuy.com (Clear Skechers to show off my handknits!) and also an order of 4 skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, which was a gift from my Secret Pal 12 group (thank you again guys!)

We unpacked and then left for Walmart with my great uncle, who lives (permanently) 2 doors down from his sister (my grandmother).

I had a list of things I needed from Walmart for the boys. The most important; wipes and formula. The formula is the Walmart brand (Parent’s Choice) is a smaller can than I get at home (730g here and 1020g (I think it’s 1020g or 1070g) at home). I paid $11.88 US for 730g and I pay $12.47 CAD for the larger can at home. And even though it’s the same formula, same can, etc, the powder here is a complete different consistency (and I made sure the can wasn’t expired (July 2011 expiry date).

I also got an awesome pair of shoes for myself, they are by Faded Glory, a brand I’ve heard about before. I’m already wearing them, and they’re wicked comfy.

I picked up these awesome contact lens cases today. I've never seen them before. I got a black one for Jamie and a polka dot one for me. This way we'll never ever mix up our contact lenses. (Not that we have, but anything anything can happen).

I also picked up a cute glasses case for myself. I needed one anyhow for my spare pair of glasses that I brought with me, it was probably a bad idea just to toss them into my toiletry bag.

Mack & My mother in Target.

We went to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner, my new fave restaurant. I ordered an Avocado Turkey Burger with Brown Rice Pilaf, and when it came, I asked the waitress if it was on whole wheat (since it looked like it) and she said they don’t have any white bread/buns in the restaurant. Wow! That’s great! I hope we get to go to this restaurant again. Too bad we don’t have it in Canada.

Sean was really cranky and over tired at dinner. He only had a 15-20 minute nap in the car on the way from the airport to the condo. He’d been up since 5:15 am – he was wicked tired.

He got a 2nd wind, no idea from where/how and was bouncing off the walls.

Tonight he was supposed to sleep on the twin size blow up mattress that we bought today, but the charger needed 12 hours plugged in to work. So he’ll be sleeping in my bed tonight, with Auntie Amy too.

I made myself scrabble earrings to wear on this trip with my initial. I could have sworn I had made myself a pair, but couldn't find them upon leaving for Florida. I love them. They rock.

I’m beat.


Andrea said...

I'm glad you arrived safely! And congrats on the yarn acquisition - you made some great choices!

Sarah B. said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Lilly Bean has soaked through her diaper once on a flight as well. Since then I am much less bashful about changing her on a plane. I can't believe you got a nap, that's great and just shows how Awesome Sean it!

Hope you're having a great time!

Bea said...

Oh my this sounds like a long but good day! I'm glad you had a relatively easy time on the plane and that Mack and Sean were so good for it.

Amelah said...

Woohoo finally u post aahhaha
i think we shouold split and get Bubbie some WiFi down here!! thankfully we are able to pick up someones unsecure internet!!


Anonymous said...

Glad the ride down to Florida was great for you guys. Cute pictures of the boys!

Tara said...

You were so brave to travel alone with a toddler and a baby! I don't think I would have had the guts... I love my scrabble earrings! Gotta get a chain for my pendant, though.

g-girl said...

how long does it take to fly to florida? jw. glad you all arrived safely and that the flight wasn't too bad (aside from sean peeing through his diaper and pants!). your new skeins of str are gorgeous!

Nell said...

That sounds like a very tiring day! But really fun too.