Wednesday, January 14, 2009

january fourteen

As predicted the boys were both up at the same time this morning, 7:30 am. I felt better refreshed as I got a good enough night’s sleep. I say good enough because Sean kept tossing and turning and half sleeping on top of me (and probably half of Amy too).

I got to speak to Jamie this morning, I didn’t speak to him at all yesterday. I tried calling last night, but there was no answer. I knew he was doing “guy things” all week (poker night, video game night, he has hockey this weekend), so I knew there was a chance he’d be out. Last night was poker.

We got ourselves organized and eventually headed out the door and went to the Festival Flea Market and did some shopping. We had lunch there as well. The Flea Market has this system where you get 1$ off for every 5$ you spend, and you get 20 coupons maximum. Sounds great to me.

Sean trying on some crocs that my mother bought.

I ended up buying a rose ring for myself, which I absolutely love. It’s so unique and I have been wearing it since getting it. I think it’s my new fave! I also got some glass jewellery, and some earrings, as well as a terry cloth cover-up for wearing on-top of your bathing suit (but if the weather keeps up we won’t be going swimming this trip, unfortunately). It’s been cold and rainy and windy. I guess it beats -20°C weather.

I also got a cute wallet, which is a hard case wallet. I plan to use it when I go out and don’t need to carry all my cards with me. There’s not much room for cards (a handful can fit) and not a lot of room for change, as it’s got a slim case. I like it though. Never seen one like it before, and then after buying that one, I’m seeing them around now!

I picked up a super funny t-shirt for Jamie, that reads “I don’t need an encyclopedia my wife knows it all”. I always get him a funny t-shirt when I go on a trip. It’s kind of a tradition now. The t-shirt is from one of those places where you pick your t-shirt and then they press the print onto it.

I also got Sean an Elmo t-shirt, which he loves. He saw it and cried for it, and I gave in. He wanted to wear it immediately, so I let him. I change him into it, and then he saw a Barney t-shirt, and asked for it as well, and I told him he could only have one, so he picked the Elmo t-shirt. I definitely hope to go back to the Flea Market while we’re here, I really had a good time looking at everything. Definitely some unique stuff and we didn’t even get to see half the flea market! As well there are a few things I’m thinking about getting.

We had to change Sean twice today while at the Flea Market. Twice he peed so much (even with the constant changing of his diaper) he has been soaking through his diapers the past 2 days. I cannot figure out why. I don’t know if it’s from drinking a lot of juice. Maybe on the airplane that was the case, but not today. It just doesn’t make sense. Maybe he’s coming down with a cold. My mother seems to think that coming down with a cold could cause a child to pee more. Not sure how accurate that is?

We then went to Target after the Flea Market closed. I cannot find the one item I’m looking for. I’ve been on the hunt for Munchkin’s Single Serve Formula Dispensers, which come in a package of 2 x 8 oz. single serve dispensers. I’m on the hunt. Sometimes I want to go out for just a little bit and do not need to take with me the big formula dispenser, which is for 3 x 8 oz. (Which Mack takes 3 scoops of formula for 180 ml of water, not sure how many ounces 3 scoops is, but it’s 1 scoop of formula per 60 ml of water). I ended up getting some other baby items, as well as some sandals for Sean (I hope they still fit him by summer) and some sweaters for myself.

We tried to go to the Olive Garden for dinner, but there was a half hour wait, so we said we’d wait for another night to go there (if it works out). We ended up at Muddy Waters for dinner. I had yummy Beef Fajitas, they were really good. Amy had the chicken ones. She’s a huge Fajita fan as well. Sean got a tad cranky during dinner again, so we’re going to have to go out for dinner earlier from now on, during the rest of the trip. Eating dinner at 7-8pm doesn’t work with 2 young kids.

I’m enjoying the 50°F-70°F degree weather. That’s for sure. Beat’s the -21°C at home. There was a deep freeze warning, and Jamie says that at 6pm last night it was -2°C and by 9:30pm it was -21°C. No thank you!

This weather is healing my right hand index finger, which is keeping me from knitting. I had a nasty crack (cut) right on the top part of my index finger, which I use to wrap yarn around to knit, and I haven’t been able to knit since before leaving to Florida. I’m relieved to be in healing weather. Very much appreciated. The cold winter kills my skin.

Mack in his cute little birkenstock sandals.

Amy & I.

This evening as I was putting both boys to bed, I cuddled in bed with Mack in the middle of Sean & I. Sean was so sweet during our cuddle time – he was caressing Mack’s head, and then wanted to hold Mack’s bottle to feed him. It was just precious.


Sarah B. said...

Love the ring!

Tara said...

Trust me, even if you weren't swimming, you were still better off than we were back home. It was WICKED!

g-girl said...

sounds like a busy day! love the ring. :) sean cried for the elmo tee?? the shirt for jamie is cute!