Monday, January 19, 2009

january nineteen

This morning we kind of just lounged around the condo. My mom and sister went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff that we needed for lunch and anything else for the rest of our trip (our flight home is tomorrow).

My grandmother took Sean for a long walk, and Mackenzie fell asleep after a bottle. So while he napped, I got some much deserved me time. I neded it. I found a spot in my grandmother's solarium that I got wifi. Since it was in the air, I had to create this contraption to use my laptop:

3 telephone books on a stool on a chair. Bingo - wifi station that works! LOL. Amy thought it was too funny when she got back so she had to take a picture of this! Thanks Ames!

After lunch we finally got to go to the beach. Our first time near water this trip. With the weather in the 50's to 70's it really has not been swim weather. Today was actually one of the few nice days we had. No bathing suits were worn to the beach, but I wanted the boys to have the opportunity to play in the sand at least once while we were in Florida.


Sean checking things out!

Playing in the sand.

Mackie enjoying the fresh air!

Mackie checkin' out the sand.

My Mr. Blue Eyes!

Putting our feet in the water.

Enjoying the beach.

Knittin' on the beach (didn't get much done, but still, it came out to play!) The colors of the yarn were muted for this picture, since the pattern/yarn is a surprise for something - you'll find out soon!

And how could I go to the beach without Habs Gear (I'm also wearing a Habs hat!) I picked up this Habs beach towel before we left Montreal. GO HABS GO!

Deerfield Beach, Florida

Our shadows in the sand.

We were going to take a walk on the boardwalk, but after rinsing off all the sand off both boys, and diaper changed them as well, we decided to head straight for dinner. My mother had wanted to try a restaurant called Too Jay’s. My grandmother had eaten there once before said it was good. What a horrible experience we had. Basically, they screwed up on four out of the five meals. The only one that came correctly was Sean's kid's meal. My mother asked for Broccoli instead of the aspargus with her meal, and they brought it out with asparagus. My grandmother asked for light cheese on her lasagna, and they took it as in "diet/low fat (light) cheese" and not go "light" on the cheese instead of piling it on heavy... They forgot my cheese blintzes all together (eventually I did get them about 10-15 minutes after we reminded him about them). And Amy's meal.... all together was a huge disaster. Because she has stomach problems, she usually orders pasta with sauce on the side. This time, instead of plain pasta, she asked for a chicken pasta dish with sauce on the side with none of the herbs that were supposed to come with it. The first time it came right, just with the sauce on it. So she sent it back. The 2nd time it came with the sauce on the side, but they left the mushrooms she didn't want plus the herbs on it. Well, the herbs didn't sit well with Amy and she got sick. The waiter blamed it on the kitchen, and I bet the kitchen blamed it on the waiter, who was new. The guy wrote it down, how could they screw up, and Amy was 150% clear on what she wanted.

Mackie got to sit in a booster seat for a bit during dinner tonight.
He was too cute and looks like such a big boy!

Tomorrow's going to be a long day. I better get some sleep!


Amelah said...

WOOHOO! Our feet touched sand and water! OMG I was giong to be so upset if we did not get to go! Cutting it close, the day before we left! So happy though we had beautiful ish weather!!!

Can't believe Too Jay's! That sucked, getting sick. Argh!!!!! Just my luck!

Amelah said...

Next time we fly with ur boys, morning flights!! When your boys are half asleep!!! LOL :)

Bea said...

The beach looks like a ton of fun. Cold but fun.

Tara said...

I love going to the beach with young kids. Beats lounging around like us boring grownups tend to do!

g-girl said...

ugh..what a horrible experience at Too Jay's! love the beach shots.

Nell said...

What a treat to be on the beach in January! Even if it's a tiny but too cold.