Wednesday, January 21, 2009

january twenty-one

Today was back to the grind. Busy busy. We started our music class this morning. We missed last week as we were in Florida. Mack really enjoyed this class. The first half hour is up in the gym, though I find it a big waste since Mack's not really mobile yet.

The 2nd half hour is in the music room. Today Mack got to be a fish. They have a big bag of animals and Mackie just looks too cute as a fish. Don't you agree?

He's just sooo delicous.

Getting into the groove of the music!

After music we ran to the pool and I had my aqua strollers class. I love that class. I just love being in the water. And I just love the teacher for this class, she's awesome.

This afternoon I had too much to do, so I skipped the movie of the week for the Mom & Baby movie. Maybe next week. Too much to take care of since I was away all last week. So I ran around doing errands all afternoon.

This evening I hung out with Jamie as last night we got in late and didn't really get to hang out. It's good to be back to normal and to just chill at home. Back to regular scheduled programming. Even some knitting time was well appreciated this evening. We caught up on Big Bang Theory this evening.

I decided that I'm going to grow out my hair. I don't know what possessed me the last couple of times to cut it, and now I kind of regret it. I can't wait for it to be back to ponytail length. I can barely get it in a ponytail that stays these days, which sucks. There's always ends all over the place. I'll be happy once it starts growing some more. I feel that lately it's been growing really slowly. Is that even possible?


Amelah said...

Mack is DELICIOUS!!!!!! I have the two cutest nephews EVER!!!

Do it! Grow your hair!!! I miss my length too!

Jude said...

When my son turned about 6 months old I started losing hair. I lost what felt like a lot (but no one could tell but me). I cut it shorter. I can see where it's growing in (i have a layer under my bangs that's the "new" hair). I wish it was longer again though.

And, I don't know about everyone else, but when my hair is long I want it short and when it's short I want it longer :)

Bea said...

Macks so cute as a fish! I've been growing mine out so I can do something for the wedding but I haven't decided if it will stay long or if I'll cut it short like it was again.

dawn said...

Oh my goodness Mack is too cute for words.

Tara said...

Dude, you take awesome baby shots (the model is pretty cute too). You're like frickin' Anne Geddes...

g-girl said...

oh my gosh!! i love the pics of mack in the fish hat! where did they ever find hats like that? so cute!

Nell said...

Bobby pins are your friend. That's what keeps my hair out of my way at work.