Monday, January 26, 2009

january twenty-six

This morning we had our 5 senses class again, and today we played with feathers as part of the senses thing. Every week they introduce something new that has to do with senses. Mackie doesn't like the taste of feathers.

I'm not sure what this whole thing with these faces he makes is... but it's too damn cute. He does this lip pouting thing.... I just love it. Adorable.

I put a feather behind his ear.... I don't even think he noticed that it was there!

All in all we had a good time playing with feathers, and it was a lot of fun. I stayed a bit after the class to talk to the teacher and another mother, about every day stuff... it was nice.

This afternoon I sat on the couch and knit. I haven't had a day like that in forever. I just needed it. Catched up on tv shows that I missed while I was out of town, and knit. Worked on the sock project that I have been working on, it's almost finished. Details on that will follow shortly. My first design of 2009. I should be able to post pictures within the first week or so of February. Stay tuned.

This evening, I hung out with Jamie, 24 was on tonight. More knitting was done. I'm on a roll, I swear! This sock will be done in no time! I think I'd gone through a slump with my knitting at the beginning of January. I had a period where I just didn't feel like knitting. Not even sure why or how that happened. But, thank goodness, it's over. Back out of the slump!

There is still a few spots left in the February Sock Club, if you haven't signed up yet, don't miss out! It's on sale until the end of the month.


Sarah B. said...

Mack is looking so darn cute. The bottom picture is my favorite, looks like he's wearing a cape!

Amelah said...

Dont you love nights when u can just hang out on the couch, relax with a beer or glass of wine and knit? [Dont forget 1 beer makes you an alcoholic LOL - Since when do you drink beer???]

Bea said...

Love the feather class. I would guess that yes they definitely don't taste that good.

Nell said...

HAHAHAH!!!! Macky tried to eat the feather. What a cutie!

g-girl said...

how fun that mackie got to play with feathers! cute pics as always! can't wait to see your first pattern of 2009!

Tara said...

He really is the cutest baby EVER!