Thursday, January 01, 2009

january one

January First. Wow. Where did 2008 go? I'm really not sure. It's very cold & icy here, as you can see from our frosted window. This one is actually Mack's bedroom window. Brrrr! (Though he's nice & toasty in his room).

The cats took some sun this morning. I love it when they cuddle together, it's just too cute. (It's either they are cuddling together, or Jazz is on top of Zeus trying to fight him. Not sure who usually wins, I never pay attention).

There was even some sweet kisses in the morning. Jazz as you can see allows Sean to get close. Zeus on the other hand takes off like you wouldn't believe. Won't let either kid near him. (Which is funny because Zeus is the attention seeker and Jazz couldn't really care about sitting on you, or getting a belly rub...).

Houston.... we have a winner! Found a food that Mr. Mack actually likes! Apples. He likes pureed apples. So happy we've found something that he likes. So we're going to stick with that for a few days and try peaches on Sunday. But today, he's eating half a jar of apples at lunch and the rest at dinner. I think we're on the right track to getting Mackie to eat. I'll let you know how the peaches go on Sunday. Hopefully he'll like that too.

I'm going strict on the GI DIET, which I did back in 2005 (March to September) and lost 25 lbs by my wedding day. This time around, it's going to be harder, since I had two babies since the last time I did this "life style change" (I don't call it a diet) and I know it's going to take exercise as well as changing my eating habits to lose weight this time around. I've been very good today, and I plan on continuing so that I can shed the rest of the baby weight. I've set my goals for 2009, and I'm NOT calling them Resolutions, because those don't stick.

This evening my in-laws came for dinner. My step-mother-in-law made stew and it was really good. We exchanged belated Chanukah/Christmas presents and the boys were TOTALLY spoiled. They also brought us gifts from family members that were at Christmas in Toronto that we couldn't make it to (because Mack was contagious for 48 hours from December 22nd - December 24th) and they were just totally spoiled. Toys & clothes, I think we need a bigger house now! I got an awesome Track Suit (I love it!) and a nice shirt from my in-laws. They were great.

They even brought over Cheesecake and I was good and DID NOT have a piece. Boy that was hard. Let me tell you! We played Chicken Foot (I came in 2nd) and I munched on veggies instead. Will power.

I've been working away at the Moss Block Cardigan. I'm sure I'll be done in the next couple of days. I have other things I need to start/finish/accomplish, so I want to get that one done! It's coming along great and I like it!

Wow... January first... Here's to a fabulous 2009!


Amelah said...

Happy New Year!!

good luck on ur life style change, you can do it!! I need to shed some pounds too!! My pro with food restriction is i am allergic to enough already!! Hard to cut out even more stuff!!!

Nell said...

Brrrr!!!! We try really hard not to turn on the heat all winter. It's rough but we can do it. Not like where you live!

g-girl said...

the frost on your window looks like feathers! good question--where did 2008 go?? yay! glad to hear mack has found a food he likes. :) good luck with the lifestyle change. i could sure use another one myself!

Bea said...

That frost is crazy. To think it was 26oC here yesterday. At the least.

Gus has been trying to take in the sun in our dining room for the last several days, but it usually moves too quickly and he dislikes that he gets comfortable and warm and then has to move again.

Yay! for apples. GO Mack Go!!

Sarah B. said...

I'm working on baby weight too this year. I'll be cheering for you!

Tara said...

You're right to call it a lifestlye change, that's exactly what it takes. If you think of taking care of yourself as a treat in and of itself, it'll help. I'm rooting for you! Go, Robyn, Go! :)