Saturday, January 17, 2009

january seventeen :: 7 months old

Mack is 7 months old today.

This morning Mackie was sooo cute in his sink bath. (The only place I can really give him a bath in Florida, due to the doors on my grandmother's tub, it's just too hard).

He had a good time splashing around in the sink this morning! It was just too cute.

This morning I wanted to shower so I figured it would maybe be easier to give Sean a shower instead of a bath, so I prepared clothing and a diaper for after, and washed Sean in the shower. He liked it at first, his first shower ever, but at the end, I'm not so sure he was a fan. My sister grabbed him and dressed him while I showered. I didn't even get a full hot shower for myself, which sucked, as the hot water tank is super small here.

This morning I had to do another load of laundry. It's 2 doors down from my grandmother's condo and it's 50 cents for a wash (35 minutes) and 25 cents for the dryer (45 minutes). It's the cheapest and newest machines in Century Cemetary Village, accrodign to my grandmother.

Sean woke up this moring wet , which is actually the first time on the trip he's woken up wet. (The other wet diapers that soaked through were during the day). Anyhow, I had to wash his pj's and his sheets (1980's He-Man sheets!!) and all the other laundry we had).

Amy tired Sean out a bit before we headed out today. He needs a lot of exercise!

Amy came back pooped! Sean, we'll he's got a LOT of energy!

Then Amy & I took a walk to the picnic benches outside the clubhouse, and hung out there for a bit. Sean talked to a man playing shuffle board, it was cute. Mack again fell asleep on the way back to the condo. The picnic benches gave us free wifi.

We had lunch, and then headed out to Festival Flea Market (again). Amy was in search of a lugguage set and there was something I wanted for a gift for someone. I'm also in search of a black square onyx ring in size 8 or 9. (Or even 7). I had bought one in Victoria, B.C. when I was there, and then eventually I had lost the stone, and then one day I found the stone (which I still have) but lost the base that it was on (the ring base). I really want to replace the ring. Hopefully I'll find something soon (or maybe online).

While we were at the Flea Market today, Sean had to be changed out of his clothes twice. He once wet through his diaper (again), and the 2nd time his stomach was upset so he had a bit of diarrhea. I'm starting to think (because he's eating properly) that it may be anxiety/being away from his dad. I can't think of what else it could be?

Amy & I.

This evening was a disaster, we were supposed to just go back to the condo, make a reservation at the Olive Garden, and get Sean long pants, but the Olive Garden doesn't take reservations, and from when we'd get there, it would be a half hour to thirty-five minute wait.

So we tried to feed Sean at home before deciding what to do for us for dinner but we couldn't get the can opener to work. After a half hour of trying (which was rediculous) we decided to go to Ruby Tuesday's. It was a close by restaurant and we've all been there before and have what to eat there.

Everything was late & delayed this evening and Mr. Cranky came out to play. I was pretty cranky myself, I get that way when I'm hungry. I admit it. When I'm hugnry I'm cranky. I guess Sean gets that from me. That or it's the terrible two's.

Mack feel asleep on the way home from the restaurant and was an easy transfer to his playpen. Sean will come lie down with me in bed. We've been falling asleep together in bed every night and then I transfer him to his air matress when he's good & asleep.


Shelley said...

Sounds like you're having a great time in Florida! Love the pics!

Amelah said...

ahaha love the pics u took of me and Sean running around! Quite funny!

Go Habs GO!!!

I love the pic I took of us! I think right now its one of my faves!

Bea said...

Gotta say I love the "my mom is a hottie" bib. Cute!

Tara said...

It takes a lot of guts to go out to a restaurant with a 2-year old! Especially when you're away from home :)

g-girl said...

wow..50 cents for a wash and a quarter to dry? I'm so jealous! cute pics of mack in his sink bath and of amy trying to tire sean our! the wait is always long at olive garden and their service (some of them!) isn't that great either.

Nell said...

I get cranky when I'm hungry too. Poor boy!