Monday, January 05, 2009

january five

Today we had playgroup. Though, we'd been out of the house all morning before playgroup running about a million errands. The errands, they seriously never end.

Playgroup is a lot of fun, and I enjoy talking to the other mothers while Mack hangs out with his friend. They are all so super cute together. (And there are a lot more boys in playgroup than girls). There was something in the water and everyone was having boys, seriously.

Mack makes the cutest faces. He's very expressive with his face. Makes me laugh...!

Yesterday Mackie tried Peaches for the first time, and he really liked them.
I think he's really getting used to the eating idea.
PHEW! Finally!

Since I was apparently told I wasn't allowed to go for cake time to celebrate Sean's birthday at school, Shayna's mom went. She just sent me the photos. (Shayna is 2 days younger than Sean, so they celebrated on December 30th for both of them, on Shayna's actual birthday):

I am not really sure why Sean looks so... "Smug" in this photo, but it's priceless....!

Blowing out the candles with their teacher Thiru.

Sean and some of his friends at daycare. Oy, 2 year olds are too cute.

On my way home today I stopped off at Walmart to do a return and pick up a (hockey) comforter set for Sean's new Twin bed (big boy bed!) I didnt end up doing the return because the line up was disgusting. Then I get to the cashes after finding what I needed in Walmart (needed more Bioré Daily Cleansing Wipes (I swear by this product)) and something else which at this moment I cannot recall (not important) and the line ups for the cash.... you'd think there was a natural disaster coming and everyone had to stock up. I waited in line for almost 45 minutes. WHY? Because it was the LAST hockey sheet & comforter sets and I love my son, whom I promised when he got home from daycare, would have it on his bed. (If they had been out of stock, I'd have been screwed...!)

Tonight was a sit on the couch & knit night, just what the doctor ordered.


Anonymous said...

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Amelah said...

Its called welcome to the holidays where everyone has it off and nothing better to do with their time lol!! Wow 45 minutes, that is insane! Well at least you got them right!!!

Sean is too funny in that picture. He has to impress the girl you know, show that he doesn't care for cake, big tough guy. Hey wait, Shayna is not a blonde though....

OMG I love Mack's face!!! TOO cute!!! Both kids are priceless!

Tara said...

Why couldn't you go for cake? What's up with that?

Bea said...

You are a good mother to wait in line so long.

Nell said...

Glad you got the sheet set but goodness, 45 minutes?!?!?! No way I would have made it.

g-girl said...

why couldn't you go to sean's school for cake?? that's so weird!