Sunday, January 18, 2009

january eighteen :: 107 weeks old

Today Sean is 107 weeks old.

Me & my boys.

Sean & Mack

My sister got Sean this Harley Davidson outfit when she went to Port Dover for Friday the 13th. Sean fit right into it, it's a summer outfit (comes with orange shorts). Sean was 6-9 months over the summer of 2007. Mack, a summer born baby, will be 12 months old at the start of summer this summer. I had one opportunity for him to wear it - this trip. He's 7 months old now. (It's a 6-9 month size outfit, which Mack's fitting into now). It's super cute.

Come on, look at this face.

It comes with a biker hat and all! Too bad it was a little chilly for him to wear the matching shorts. So today we wore pants with it.

I found this bib while in Florida (along with a ton of other cute bibs (like one I posted yesterday of Mack wearing). Today's reads "I'm The Little Brother". How perfect?!

This morning after getting up and getting ready, we headed to Walmart as I needed Formula for Mack as I wouldn't be able to make it until tonight. I found a small container, 400g for $8.44 (pricey in my eyes with the exchange rate). That should be enough to make it back to Montreal. It's a half can. I have plenty more formula at home as I am pretty sure I stocked up before leaving. I ended up picking up some more pacifiers by MAM which is by Sassy. Mack likes those and I've never seen them at home. Mack likes the 0-6 month size, probably because he's small for his age and his mouth is still tiny. His weight (and head size too) is still in the 10th percentile. I hope when we go back in February for an extra check up, he's grown from the 10th percentile, I'm hoping for the 25th percentile (which he's been in before). (Born in the 10th percentile he was in the 25th percentil by 4 months old and now is back in the 10th percentile).

After Walmart, I checked out both Walgreen's & CVS as they were across the street and I'm still looking for those Munchkin Single Serve formula dispensers. I had no luck, though I did find at Walgreens was a package of 2 No Throws. These are perfect for my 2 boys who like to throw things. (Like their sippy cups/bottles). I see it being very useful. I've never seen these before, but they're only distributed at Walgreens in the USA.

We then got back to Century Cemetary Village and headed over to my great Aunt & Uncle's condo down the street from my grandmother's condo. They live on the same street within the community. They were having a brunch for about 12 of us (family that were in the area + my grandmother's boyfriend, and her best friend and her boyfriend). We had Einstein's Bros. Bagels, which are pretty good but still don't compare to Montreal bagels. (We just have the best bagels in the world).

We stayed there for a couple of house then came back ot my grandmother's condo. Sean finally went down for a nap, but boy was that hard getting him to get to sleep. Mack also took a short nap as well.

I got another load of laundry done while the boys napped, I really needed to get that done. I wasn't anticipating cold weather in Florida while we'd be here, so I didn't bring as many pairs of long pants. I even bought Sean 2 pairs of track pants while here, but he's been leaking through his diapers so much that I've had to constantly change him and wash the laundry. (Plus I really don't want to go home with pee smelling clothing in my suitcase - Not fun).

Sean finally got his first real nap of the trip. So we let him sleep until he finally got up around 7pm on his own. I wasn't waking him up. By then we'd decided that my mom and sister would go out and get Sean McDonalds and next door was Ruby Tuesday's. So they picked up from there as well. I love the Avocado Turkey Burger, it's just sooooo good. (And on whole wheat buns! Served with brown rice!)

It was nice & relaxing tonight. Just what we needed, a swe're all pooped from this week. I did some organization of our stuff, the boys stuff got unpacked and is in the wall unit in my grandmother's bedroom (where we're sleeping) and I'm living out of my suitcase since we got here, but there was stuff every where. Cleaning up was a good idea.

This evening we all sat down to watch Desperate Housewives, the only TV we watched all week. Sean has watched some TV (kids shows) but that's been minimal as well. The TV has been on for the weather channel too though.


Amelah said...

OMG! He is too cute in the outfit I got! Glad both boys got use out of it, for the price it cost me :)

Mackie's face is priceless!!

Ruby Tuesday's was yummy! The waitress said we are there as much as her!! LOL thats bad!!!

I enjoyed my time out with Mom while ur boys napped! we all needed it!!!!

Bea said...

Love the harley outfit. Too cute. Glad the boys slept for a bit cause I'm with you on the pee scented laundry in the suitcase. Yuck.

Tara said...

I think "Look at that face!" for every one of Mackie's pictures. The kid's just adorable.

g-girl said...

the harley outfit is so cute! I especially love the hat! that's nice that you have other family members living in that condo village.

Nell said...

Mack is starting too look just like Sean. It's adorable!