Thursday, January 08, 2009

january eight

This morning there was a 3 page apology note with our gazette. It still doesn't justify the nasty post-it note. I don't know if he'll get fired, but I did learn that he's in his 60's, his wife helps him with his route (though he's the employee of the Gazette) because of his blood pressure, he can't finish on time, and that they do it for exercise. Maybe I'll get around to typing it up - if anyone is curious as to what it says.

Mackie likes to play peek-a-boo. It's too cute.

I got this box of rings not too long ago. I LOVE the color. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them, but I have 12 of them in the box. They're glass rings, and I just love them.

The other day at Walmart I came across these packages of felt for "Needle Felting". I'm wondering if they'll be enough for a few Felted Soaps. I'll let you know when I start them (in about 2 weeks or so). I hope the size is okay.

Today I worked from home while the cleaning lady was here. I was also hanging around waiting for a call in regards to my new cousin - whom I met this evening. My sister and I went to meet our new baby cousin - both mother & baby are doing well. I cannot give you details yet, until Jenn has blogged about it herself. I'll let her do that first, and then I'll post the photos I took this evening - a couple of hours after he was born. I *knew* she was having a boy! And between myself with my 2 boys, Jenn with 2 boys, my cousin Lisa with 1 boy and another boy on the way... we have a hockey team! Seriously. It'll be fun with the family gets together, all the boys can play together, I can't wait! (Though, we are in serious need of a baby girl in the family!) (I had a dream a few nights ago that my next child (if I ever do have one) is a girl). (Though, I have a feeling that Jamie truly does NOT want any more kids). (I'm not sure yet how I feel). It's amazing how much of a CLONE the new baby is of his brother. Wow! My kids never looked alike, not at birth, not now. My kids have the same mother, and the same father, obviously. So do Jenn's kids. Same mommy & daddy. Clone! I wonder why some siblings are identical, and others, not. Genetics works in weird ways!

Today, the 6500th comment appeared on my blog. Nell, was the lucky commenter...! Nell, I need you to email me your address, and I'll send your prize along! CONGRATS GIRL! I'll have another contest soon, maybe for my 7777th commenter, or maybe for my 8888th commenter. But definitely again for my 10,000th commenter! So stay tuned!

I got no knitting done today. I'm jonesing to knit a stitch, but I'm zonked. It'll have to wait for tomorrow.


Caroline said...

Awww, Jenn has a new baby boy! Yay! I can't wait to see pics. Thanks for sharing the news!

Amelah said...

I am curious to read the letter they wrote!!! What an ass!!!

Where did u get the 12 rings from?? LOl.

Oy, Mackie is SUCH a gorgeous baby! Takes such awesome pictures too!!!

Bea said...

Seems like that should be enough wool to felt around soaps? I mean it doesn't look like it should take that much...

Tara said...

I thought we weren't blogging about the new baby until Jenn broke the big news???

Jude said...

I can't wait to hear how the felted soaps go. I want to make some too!

Nell said...

YAY!!!! I'm so excited! Sorry I'm delinquent on the addy. I got suckered into staying for a double at work last night.

Hope your trip is going well. Talk to you soon!

g-girl said...

a 3 page letter?? that's insane! i'm curious too but you don't have to retype it! those rings are cool!