Tuesday, January 20, 2009

january twenty :: 31 weeks old

Mack is 31 weeks old today.

This morning when trying to figure out how to pack Elmo to bring him home, we joked around about me wearing Elmo at the airport, and taking him onto the plane. I decided to try him on. Sean got a kick out of that. Elmo fits perfectly in the Snugli.

So Sean decided he wanted to wear Elmo too. However, the sling is rather large on Sean. It was cute anyhow! My funny little boy!

We got to the airport early as we had to have the car rental back for for 1:00pm, but only had a 4:15 pm flight. My mom ran around with Sean in the airport, he couldn't sit still. She took him on walks, and kept him entertained. Amy & I were happy to find free wifi at the airport. That helped us pass a bit of time.

Our flight left on time, which is good. It was supposed to leave early, and then there was a major traffic jam for the run way (apparently it was rush hour at the airport) and we got into the air.

It was a long flight home. Sean couldn't sit still in his seat and he didn't nap today. He decided to play the "Let's see how loud I can scream" game. Fun. And my 2 kids were the only 2 kids on the flight. So they knew where it was coming from. Sean also wanted to turn off and on the light above our seat. They turned off the lights half way through the flight, so he got to see that there were lights above our seats. In order for him to reach it, he had to stand on top of the arm rests of the seat. Argh! That was a disaster. Amy & I on numerous occasions had to sing different versions of "the wheels on the bus" over and over again to Sean, to get him distracted from what he was complaining/screaming/whining about.

We had 2 blonde stewardesses on this flight and they were really good to Sean. He flirted with them of course. What else is new, he likes blondes. at one point we had to get the stewardess to tell Sean that the light was broken, so that he wouldn't play with it anymore.

I got to knit 2 rows on the plane. That's all I was able to get done.... hoping to have more knitting time once I get home! Traveling with 2 kids = no knitting time!

We got home in record time, the flight ended up being under 3 hours, but since we were the last off the plane, and until we went through customs and then til we got our luggage, it was almost 9 pm by the time we got home. What a long day!

Sean crashed hard on the way home from the airport - knew it! He was snoring as we transferred him into his pj's with a clean diaper and into his bed. Mack also fell asleep and was an easy transfer to his crib.

I don't even want to think about pre-vacation laundry (I came home with all clean laundry) or unpacking my suitcases tonight. Going to go hang out with Jamie and have a glass of red wine.

ps- I've located some Munchkin Single Serve Formula Dispensers, and shipped them to a friend's house in the USA (couldn't find a single place online that would ship to Canada). I should have them soon! YEY!


Big Girl Feet said...

Awww! Your guys are sooo adorable! I'm glad you had a nice trip and got home safe and sound! xoxo

Bea said...

I'm glad you got home alright. Sorry about Sean on the plane. I'm also glad you found the single serve things. I was wondering what it was you were looking for and now I know.

Tara said...

Ouch, sorry to hear the flight back was difficult. I've yet to take a plane with my kids! Glad to have you back :)

g-girl said...

oh no..sorry the flight home wasn't an easy one.

Nell said...

Those single serve formula containers look really handy. You could probably keep one in each diaper bag.