Saturday, January 24, 2009

january twenty-four

Why is it that on a day where I want to sleep in, my beautiful little 7 month old gets up at the wee hours of the morning. He does sleep a full night, but if he goes to bed (too) early, he gets up (too) early. Sean doesn't have swimming tomorrow morning (synchro competition or something) so maybe I'll get to sleep in tomorrow morning.

I picked up some mail this week at the post office, as there was a missed package slip while I was out of town. One of the packages I missed while in Florida was from Handgefaerbt.

Handgefaerbt Merino Basics in Minotaur.

Handgefaerbt Merino Basics in Atlantis.

Handgefaerbt Merino Basics in Hydra Pound.

Handgefaerbt Merino Basics in Dunkler Regenbogen.
(I'm not sure what the English name of this colorway is).

And, in my order was a free skein! How super sweet of her. There is no colorway name, but I'll call it Rainbow. Handgefaerbt Merino Basics in Rainbow.

Now, I must warn you. She doesn't ship to Canada. So I had to put my grandmother's address in Florida as the mailing address, and then send her an email afterwards, to see if she would indeed ship to Canada, and for me, she did. Hoepfully she'll be able to do the same for you - if you are interested in buying her yarn... but if you don't have a US address to put down, maybe contact her first.

I love the yarn. It's so soft & squooshy. Delicious. I can't wait to find time to knit with it.

Today we decided to do the Costco thing. Wow, is that place a disaster (zoo) on the weekend. But, we had a list of things to get, and so we went. We made it out of there in under an hour, not even sure how that is possible? One of the items I was interested in getting, was size 3 diapers for Mack. Apparently they were 12$ off per box. (From 48.99$ to 36.99$). None left. Sucky. Not a single box. That's a huge sale! Oh well.

This afternoon was a fight for Sean to take a nap. I just don't get it. He naps perfectly at daycare. He refuses to nap at home. We even tried the crib. He wouldn't nap there either. Just screamed for us to come get him. After trying for over an hour we just gave up. Boy was he a disaster this evening until he went to bed (early).

Mack tried green beans tonight for the first time, he seemed to like it. I steamed green beans for us as well, with our dinner, and decided to pull out the jar of puree for Mack. I hadn't tried a new food in a few days, so I figured it was time. He's still got a lot of types he hasn't tried yet, but we're getting there, and the feeding is going better. He's understanding now what to do with the food when it's in his mouth.

Hung out with Jamie, we watched the Skills Competition on TV (All Star Game weekend), and I got some knitting done. Jamie plays hockey on Saturday nights, so he went off to do his thing. I was happy to be able to veg on the couch, watch some TV (catch up on TV shows) and knit.


Sarah B. said...

As I was scrolling down the new yarns, I kept thinking, "I like that one even more!" They are beautiful and I can't wait to see what you make!

Amelah said...

Yummy yarn! I tried to check it out, but I barely understand since it is not in English!

Next time you order from a place where it is tricky, let me know! Maybe I will order with you :)

Angela said...

Dunkler Regenbogen--"Dark Rainbow".

Love the yarns you bought!

Karen said...

Robyn - you can always have it sent to me and I'll send to you - no problem - I've ordered from her before as well and she has sent to my office :-)

ahufford said...

Oh I absolutely love the first yarn and last yarn! I need some yummy bright yarn.

Bea said...

The yarn is gorgeous! Like Karen said, you can always have yarn sent my way and I'll ship it up to you.

(My unsolicited, don't have kids, so what do I know, advice now.) Don't give in to the screaming kid. Get some earplugs and make him sleep by ignoring him. Eventually he'll tire himself out right? Isn't that how you got him to sleep at bedtime?

AliP said...

Why didn't you just puree some of the beans you steamed? The jarred stuff is nasty!

dawn said...

My 2yo has been fighting the nap lately too.

Tara said...

Wow, your stash is taking on mythic proportions, girl! Nice score though.

Nell said...

I love the Handgefarbt yarn. So pretty!

g-girl said...

you are such an enabler!! your new yarns are gorgeous. :) that was nice of her to ship to you!