Sunday, January 04, 2009

january four :: 105 weeks old

Sean is 105 weeks old today.
We've got a goofy little kid on our hands.

The goofyness is fine by me. It keeps us all entertained.

Mack put himself to sleep this afternoon sucking his thumb. This is new. I've caught him with his thumb in his mouth before, not really thinking about it. I think we have a possible thumb sucker on our hands. I put him in his crib to shower, with some toys, and when I went back to check on him... he was fast asleep like this. Too cute.

This afternoon Sean had his friend Shayna's birthday party. It was held at the local Jewish Y and it was a lot of fun. Sean had a field day in the gym, I think that was his fave part. Sean is a very active 2 year old, so anything gym related is perfect for this kid.

I've started packing. Though, I honestly don't know where to begin. Packing for myself & two kids, is going to be interesting. I know that I can buy a lot of things where I'll be (diapers, baby food (for Mack), and all that jazz, but still. I did pull out a few tank tops for myself, as well as my new bathing suits, but I don't know where to begin.... really. And knitting? What do I take!?

So I came into my bedroom to find this. Mack tickling Sean.

And this grin on his face. Priceless.

They are too funny together. Though, I have to be careful, because Sean doesn't realize that he's double Mack's weight almost (Mack is 15 and a half pounds and Sean's 29 pounds) and that Mack cannot defend himself. I never leave them alone together at all. I just can't. Someone will get hurt! Though, I cannot wait until Mack's old enough to keep up with Sean!

Sat on the couch this evening and got some knitting done. It was an all new episode of Desperate Housewives. (And a good one to boot!)

For those of you interested, there are 2 spots left in the January Sock Club, and a handful of spots left in the February Sock Club.


Doublebanker said...

You missed the 700 day birthday milestone!!

Just don't forget them on 1000th day comes :)

Amelah said...

I thought January was the last one u were doing single???

Sean is hilarious in those pictures lol

Urgh, i am packing for 1 and I dont know where to begin!

Two Hands said...

What beautiful children! I was searching Briggs and Little and found your post about Sylvi. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see pics.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of the boys. When do you leave for Florida?

LD said...

Wow. I haven't been to your blog for awhile and your boys are so big :)
I love watching my kids play together too. It's soooo sweet when the baby can finally interact. I love it.

Tara said...

That picture of Mack and Sean is priceless! And I can't help it, I find babies who suck their thumbs so adorable. Émilie was a thumb sucker, and even though we eventually had to wean her off (when she was 3), it still makes me all nostalgic when I see pictures of her with her thumb in her mouth!

Bea said...

It wouldn't let me comment on this yesterday but all I really wanted to say is that I love your thumb sucker...

Nell said...

Don't wish Mack bigger quite yet. He'll get there so fast as it is!

g-girl said...

i missed seeing these happy little faces! :)