Sunday, January 11, 2009

january eleven :: 106 weeks old

Sean is 106 weeks old today.
Above, he's with Auntie Amy & Bosco.

This morning Sean started another session of swimming lessons. He's in a more advanced level this time. With kids his own age. Not like the screw up of last session (where he was in the wrong class). He was actually registered this session again in the wrong class, because when I registered him he wasn't quite 2 yet (2 weeks shy) so they put him in the 18-24 month class. Well, because he's 2 (yes, still 24 months old until the end of the month) but, he's 2, so he can advance from Sea Turtle to Salamander, which is still parented. He'll stay in this class until he can swim on his own. Then he goes to the unparented Salamander class. Today we had a sub - Sean's teacher is on vacation. So we just played games and Sean got to go on the slide. Honestly - it was a waste. Yes he got to go in the water, but there were no skills learned, and nothing practiced. I would have preferred a proper lesson, because for games and slides I could have brought him to free swim, you know? Sean has a friend in this class, a kid he took at class at the Y with back in the spring. (His friend is 2 weeks older than him).

Mack tried Chicken with Vegetables tonight at dinner. I'm not sure if he didn't like it, or if he was just really really really tired (see above photo). I'll try again soon, and see what that was all about. I've got to start getting some real food into him! (Chicken, Turkey, etc, instead of just Apples, Peaches, Carrots, etc)

Tonight we had dinner at my parents house. We ordered in from a place that has really good whole wheat pasta for me, so I could eat following the GI Diet. I saw a commercial for Herbal Magic - though, I'm curious about it, I'm not sure what it's all about. I'm going to stop by there one of these days to check it out - and see what it's all about. Their commerical peaked my curiousity. No harm in a free consultation.

Tomorrow I've got a LONG list of things to do. Gotta prepare for Tuesday!


Tara said...

That picture is adorable! I hope you're having a good time in Florida! You sure picked the right time to go, it's friggin' FREEZING here!

Bea said...

Could Mack just be a vegetarian baby? Sounds like he likes the veggies and fruits way more then the meat. My mom says I wouldn't eat anything with meat until I was 5 or so and then only if forced. I still don't like it at all, except fish. (He's so cute sitting on his changing table. What a smile!)

I'm glad you've gotten Sean's swimming schedule worked out. Hopefully the next class won't be a play class.

dawn said...

I love that Bosco lets Sean sit on him. Mack is getting so big...I can't believe how much older he looks today.

Jenny said...

That is one insanely huge dog!

g-girl said...

i love mack's hat! :)