Monday, January 12, 2009

january twelve

Mack started his 5 Senses Class today. There's us above on the left hand side, I'm in purple. The coordinator of the program came in to take some pictures and emailed them to our entire group. That was nice of her. This wasn't done when Sean took classes there from 12-18 months old after we moved to this area of town. I like that I get emailed pictures!

Mack really enjoyed the class and was all giggles. It was a lot of fun. Though, I do have to admit, the moms and kids from Sean's classes were a lot more fun than these ladies and their babies. That's okay, maybe I just had a bad start to my morning. Maybe once back from my trip and I'm more relaxed I can enjoy the mom & tot class. This morning all I could think about was the million things I had to do today.

Last night Mack started to bum scoot. Sean at this age was already crawling. Mack was sitting last night and started scooting forward towards something he wanted. It was cute. Maybe that'll be the way he gets around. I've seen other kids never crawl but bum scoot. I guess whatever gets them from A to B, right? Though, Mack's very good with the turning/flipping himself over, and he's kicking his legs when on his stomach, maybe he just needs to figure out how to crawl. Hopefully. Though, I'm still enjoying him non-mobile! He's my little baby still!

Today was filled with errands. I ran all over my area trying to get last minute things for our trip. I'm leaving bright & early tomorrow morning, with the 2 boys, my mom and my sister. (We're leaving all the big boys at home!) (Jamie couldn't really get away from work and I don't blame him for not wanting to spend a week in a 1 bedroom condo with my grandmother, mother & sister! It's technically a "girls trip" (with the exception of Sean & Mack - but they're still young!)

I forgot to eat today. My first meal was dinner. I was starved. This is not good. I even made lunch, and then forgot about it. I just removed my lunch from the toaster oven. Whoops. I'll never forget to eat again. I felt so weak from not eating. Not good!

I can't find my prescription sunglasses. I've torn apart the house looking for them.

It's almost midnight, and I am not 100% packed. I have to be up at 4:45 am to get the kids up to get to the airport for about 5:30 am. I can't sleep of course. Excitment. Stress of packing. I have no idea how I'm supposed to pack 2 kids in 1 suitcase. (Mack can't check any lugguage because he's flying for free). Sean gets to check lugguage because he's over 2 years old and has a full fare ticket. (No kids rate, which sucks!)

I'm only bringing 1 sock project with me. I can't see how much knitting time I'll get - but we'll see. I am traveling with 2 kids. (I know I'll have my mom and sister with me, but still!) I checked, and knitting needles (which are classified as a penetrating object) are allowed past security. Doesn't specify which kind (or if all are allowed) but to be safe, I'm bringing plastic ones.

I hope I'm not forgetting anything. Though, I'm going to be in a city that has a Walmart and Target close by, and a shopping mall too, (I'm buying baby formula and food there, just bringing enough for the first day), so I can always buy anything missing.

I cannot wait to get out of this cold weather (my skin really needs it) and into the sun!

I hope to have the internet. There is supposed to be wifi where I'm going. So I'll definitely post pictures & blog. Now, to go finish packing and maybe try to get a few hours of shut eye...!


Johanna said...

Have a great trip! I'm envious!

Living Inspired said...

have a great trip!

Kimber said...

Have a great trip!!!!

Way to go Mackie! I bet that bum scoot is so cute! Liv gets on her tummy and pushes her knee up to scoot foward (while still making contact with her belly to the floor). So I guess she is crawling? It's funny isn't it? Time to babyproof!

Nell said...

That's the tough thing to remember- you can always get whatever you forgot.

Jude said...

My son rolled around to get to where he wanted until he started to crawl. I like the idea of bum scooting!

Bea said...

Bum scooting sounds so cute! I hope your trip down was great. I imagine that can really feel like a longish flight.

Tara said...

Bum scoot... snicker... :)

g-girl said...

hope you have a great time! :) you forgot to eat??? let this be the first and last time you do that!