Tuesday, September 29, 2009

september twenty-nine

Last night I managed to find these cute high top shoes with laces. They took me over 20 minutes to get them on his feet. I plan on leaving them at daycare and bringing him to and from in velcro shoes that I don't mind putting them on and off. Though, I don't know how much longer these size 3's will fit him, I don't plan on actually going out of my way to buy more of these for daycare. I have a full shoe wardrobe from Sean for Mack to use, so until Mack gets to a size I don't have, I won't be buying him shoes that he really doesn't need. It's honestly a ridiculous request.

This morning we had music class.

Mack just loves this class. I have a good time as well. I am friends with two of the moms in this class. One of them, wanted to show me a picture she had on her camera, so she called me over. I was standing next to her when she found them. Pictures her son took. He had pulled down his pants and took pictures of his thing. He's 7 years old. She had a chuckle and was sure that her son had done it for shock value. She will be talking to her son about it, as it's not right that he did that. Has your child done this? Is it normal? Is this what I have coming with my kids?

After dropping off Mack at daycare (and his teacher being incredibly happy that I got him high top sneakers), I got some gas in the car and headed to work where I sold even more chocolates from that last remaining box. (Somehow on Friday when I asked for 1 more box for my sister to take Sean door-to-door in her neighborhood while she babysat, I ended up with 2 boxes - 100 bars).

When I got to work I asked Jamie if the manager from the auberge called him back about the jacuzzi not working. Well, no one called him Monday. So I called the place today. Here's the conversation.

Robyn: "Hi, I'm calling to find out why no one called me back yesterday about the jacuzzi not working in Studio 5 over the weekend. I only rented that room for the jacuzzi, so the fact that it didn't work is an issue. Is it possible to speak to your manager please?"
Manager comes on the phone: "Yes, can I help you?"
Robyn: "Someone was supposed to call me back regarding the non-functioning Jacuzzi in Studio 5 from this weekend. Did you look into it?"
Manager: "Yes it was looked into".
Robyn: "And?"
Manager: "It doesn't work"
Robyn: "Ok, so what are you going to do about it?"
Manager: "What do you want me to do about it?"
Robyn: "Well, since we took that room because of the jacuzzi, I'd like compensation for it not working".
Manager: "I'll have to speak to the owner, but I could probably get you 25% off your next stay."
Robyn: "I don't want 25% off my next stay, I don't think I'll ever be coming back. I want a partial credit applied back to my credit card"
Manager: "I'll have to speak to the owner, but he'll either give you 25% off your next stay or a credit".
Robyn: "I don't want 25% off my next stay, I won't be coming back. You speak to him tomorrow about my partial refund and call me back. You have my number?"
Manager: "It's...."
Robyn: "Yes, thank you".

WHAT THE.....!

Definitely won't be going back there, and I bet you, I won't get a call back tomorrow.

On my way home I actually remembered to pick up cat food, or my cat wasn't going to have anything from breakfast tomorrow morning. (Oh, well there is emergency cans of tuna in the house, but it was Jazz our late cat that preferred the tuna than Zeus does). Picked up the kids, and spent the evening with them as Jamie had hockey tonight, and it's not Monday. Seems like his hockey schedule is changing..! He did tell me that it wouldn't interfere with knit nights, as there isn't any wednesday night games. Phew!

Off to go watch some tv and work on some projects, both knit and crochet.


Bea said...

The high tops are cute at least! I hope you get your partial refund.

Amelah said...

Cute shoe's!!!! :-)

Let me know what happened since you are a little behind..Did they call back? Did you get your credit? What idiots! Where is this place so I NEVER go there!!!

Tara said...

The kid's a GUY, and guys are stupid when it comes to that sort of thing. I mean, grown men photocopy their asses and think it's funny. The kid's just being a kid, I would have laughed too. I don't think I would have shown the pictures though, lol!

g-girl said...

look @ those cute lil high tops! I can't believe the auberge..but I know I already said that before. :P